• SportDog, Upland Hunter, Accessory Beeper

SportDog, Upland Hunter, Accessory Beeper

by SportDog Brand Item #: 901242-13732
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This SprortDog UplandHunter Accessory Beeper is perfect for keeping track of your good dog when hunting heavy cover or big country.

This beeper can be heard up to 500 yards and sports nine different tones to easily track your dog. The SD-BEEP is the original Remote Beeper for the UplandHunter 1875 (SD-1875) and is compatible with the SportHunter 1825 (SD-1825), WetlandHunter 1825CAMO (SD-1825CAMO), and the ProHunter 2525 (SD-2525).

Beeper Tones -

:: High Volume Beep
:: Double High Beep
:: High Falling to Low Beep
:: Double High Falling to Low Beep
:: Low Volume Hawk
:: High Volume Hawk
:: Bob White Quail Call
:: Triple Beep
:: Low Volume Beep
  • 9 Tones to Choose From
  • Incredibly Loud, Crystal Clear High Beep
  • Contoured Beeper Design
  • Placement Knob to Secure Beeper In-Place

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