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Product Information Article for Gundog Magazine

By Alan Davison
Monday, April 29th 2013
Dogs Unlimited’s FieldKing Game Stewards Bird Bag

The Original Game Stewards Bird Bag has been a staple in the gundog training supply business ever since Dogs Unlimited brought it to market decades ago. Made of heavy duty orange mesh fabric, great for ventilation, these bird bags come in 3 different sizes based on the bag opening – 8”, 10” and a 12” opening. The 8” is best for quail, the 10” is the most versatile and great for quail, pigeons, chukar and small pheasants, and the 12” is a bigger bag and will fit pheasants and ducks.

The industry leading spring snaps are what really makes the Original Game Stewards Bird Bag the best available, when closed they stay tight to prevent your birds from escaping. Each bird bag comes with a pocket on each side for storing wild bird scent, gun dog training blanks, gloves – anything needed to train gundogs. The 1” wide adjustable strap makes it convenient to take birds into the field. Additionally the Dogs Unlimited Custom Shop can add a brass bolt snap to the bag so it can be securely attached a saddle, ATV, etc.
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