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Field Trials: What's the Point?

By Alan Davison
Wednesday, May 22nd 2024
Field Trials: What's the Point?
Dog and Pigeon

Field Trials: What's the Point?

We were recently asked online why we focus so much social media on Field Trials while so many of our audience are hunters? It was an eye-opening question.

While we also love to hunt, Field Trials, Hunt Tests, and Bird Dog Competitions take up more of our time and attention. And we love to share with you what we’re doing.

Let’s go back to the beginning: We were drawn to Field Trials because they were a way to spend more field time with our new hunting puppy. Along the way we learned about other ways to extend our "hunting" season with other competition and testing organizations like NAHVDA, NSTRA, Bird Dog Challenge, AKC Hunt Tests, American Field trials, and so forth.

So here comes the “time and attention” part. All of these competitions and tests are intended to make a better bird dog.

There is no sloppy bird work.

No “good enough” when a dog on a retrieve drops a bird and leaves it for you to pick up.

No busting coveys before you and your friends have a chance to get close enough for a shot.

And at the end of the day, you have a more disciplined dog who is a pleasure to hunt behind and who maybe will have your friends calling you to see if you can bring your dog on their next hunting trip.

This all takes the right equipment/tools, lots of knowledge (from books, videos, seminars, mentors or local breed clubs), lots of patience (that only you can provide), and lots of time with your Good Dog. And, by the way, your dog will love the attention and the time you spend on them.

They want nothing more than your company and to do what they were bred to do.

So why not dip a toe into the world we present to you?

You don’t have to have a horse, a fancy trailer, and all that. Just a trusty pair of walking boots, a rule book, and a Good Dog as your partner.

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