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VDD-GNA German JGHV Testing Requirements for the Deutsch-Drahthaar: A Comprehensive Overview

By Alan Davison
Thursday, July 13th 2023


The Deutsch Drahthaar, also known as the German Wirehaired Pointer (which is the American version), is a versatile hunting dog breed highly esteemed for its hunting abilities and intelligence. In the United States, the Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar Group North America (VDD-GNA) adheres to the testing requirements established by the Jagdgebrauchshundverband (JGHV) in Germany. This blog post provides a detailed overview of the VDD-GNA German JGHV testing requirements for the Deutsch Drahthaar in the United States.


The Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar Group North America (VDD-GNA) is an affiliate of the Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar (VDD) in Germany. The VDD-GNA is responsible for maintaining the breed standards, conducting testing, and promoting the Deutsch Drahthaar breed in the United States. Key functions of the VDD-GNA include:

a. Breed Standards:

The VDD-GNA adheres to the strict breed standards established by the VDD in Germany. These standards encompass the physical characteristics, hunting abilities, temperament, and overall health of the Deutsch Drahthaar.

b. Testing Regulations:

The VDD-GNA follows the testing regulations set by the Jagdgebrauchshundverband (JGHV) in Germany. These testing requirements are designed to evaluate the natural and trained hunting capabilities and working traits of the Deutsch Drahthaar breed.

c. Registration and Pedigree:

The VDD-GNA maintains an FCI registry for Deutsch Drahthaars in the United States, ensuring accurate pedigree tracking and documentation. Registration with the VDD-GNA ensures that the breed's integrity is upheld and that breeding practices align with established guidelines.

JGHV Testing:

The JGHV testing system is highly regarded and comprehensive, designed to assess the hunting abilities, temperament, and overall performance of Deutsch Drahthaars. The VDD-GNA follows the JGHV testing requirements in the United States. Some essential JGHV tests for Deutsch Drahthaars include:

a. VJP (Verbands-Jugendprüfung):

The VJP is a youth test conducted between the ages of 6 and 18 months. It evaluates the dog's natural hunting abilities, cooperation with the handler, pointing, tracking, and retrieving skills. The VJP provides an assessment of the dog's potential for further development and training.

b. HZP (Herbstzuchtprüfung):

The HZP is an autumn field test designed to evaluate the dog's hunting abilities, cooperation, and working qualities. It must be done the following fall of the VJP, includes elements such as pointing, tracking, searching for game, retrieving on land and water, and cooperation with the handler. The HZP assesses the dog's natural and trained performance and suitability for breeding.

c. VGP (Verbands-Gebrauchsprüfung):

The VGP is the highest level of testing in the JGHV system and is a finished gun dog test. It assesses the dog's overall performance and hunting abilities in various scenarios of the field, water and forest. The VGP includes blood tracking, pointing, searching for game, retrieving on land and water, steadiness, cooperation with the handler, and obedience. The VGP serves as a comprehensive evaluation of the dog's versatility and suitability for breeding.

Breeders' Role:

Breeders affiliated with the VDD-GNA play a crucial role in upholding the breed's standards and meeting the JGHV testing requirements. Responsible breeders ensure that their Deutsch-Drahthaars undergo the necessary health evaluations and participate in the JGHV tests to assess their hunting abilities and working traits. By adhering to these requirements, breeders contribute to the preservation and improvement of the Deutsch Drahthaar breed in the United States.


The VDD-GNA German JGHV testing requirements for the Deutsch Drahthaar in the United States reflect a commitment to maintaining the breed's working abilities, temperament, and overall health. The VDD-GNA, in affiliation with the VDD and JGHV, ensures that Deutsch Drahthaars undergo rigorous testing to assess their hunting skills and suitability for breeding. By adhering to these testing requirements, breeders and owners contribute to the breed's reputation as a versatile and highly skilled hunting companion in the United States.

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