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Garmin InReach Capabilities for the Outdoors Enthusiast

By Alan2 Davison
Friday, April 21st 2023

The Garmin InReach is a device designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want to stay connected even when they're off the grid. Dogs Unlimited offers the Garmin Alpha Series with InReach capability. Here are some of its capabilities:

Two-way Messaging

With the Garmin InReach, you can send and receive messages with other InReach users, as well as with people who don't have an InReach but can receive messages via SMS or email. This means you can stay in touch with family and friends, and even send for help in an emergency.

GPS Tracking

The InReach has a built-in GPS that allows you to track your location, create waypoints, and navigate to destinations. You can share your location with others, so they can follow your progress or find you in case of an emergency.

SOS Functionality

In case of an emergency, the InReach has an SOS button that, when pressed, sends a distress signal to a 24/7 monitoring center. Trained professionals will then coordinate a rescue effort, and you'll receive updates on their progress.

Weather Updates

The InReach can provide weather updates, so you can plan your outdoor activities accordingly. You can view current conditions, as well as weather forecasts for the next few days.


The InReach has preloaded maps, so you can see your location and navigate to waypoints even without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. You can also download additional maps, such as topographic maps, for more detailed navigation.

Battery Life

The InReach has a long battery life, lasting up to 100 hours on a single charge, depending on usage. You can also use the device in power-saving mode to extend its battery life even further.

Overall, the Garmin InReach is a versatile and reliable device for outdoor enthusiasts who want to stay connected and safe while off the grid. An InReach subscription is required to activate these capabilities.

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