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By Alan Davison
Wednesday, March 20th 2013

As more and more consumers demand products tailored to their needs, DOGS Unlimited answers the call with custom made dog collars and other items for the gun dog owner.

In a world where one size no longer fits all, DOGS Unlimited offers a one-of-kind custom experience for the gun dog owner. Now anyone can order a custom dog collar in the exact length, width, color, and hardware that they like. And each collar arrives at your door with a free personalized solid brass nameplate attached.

“We are the only hunting dog supply company that offers this unique service. And many bird dog trainers and breeders come to us to fit their many breeds and sizes of hunting dogs,” says Alan Davison, owner. “We recognized early on that people aren’t always content with the standard offerings of many other gun dog training supply companies. We saw a need and we filled it.”

Starting with their best-in-the-industry Dura-Lon(TM) collars, to their very popular Dura-Flex(TM) collars, plus three types of leather, you can have a collar for your bird dog—or any dog—made to an exact fit. Plus, you can choose between brass or nickel-plated hardware and get colors not otherwise available with in-stock collars.

Virtually every DOGS Unlimited collar includes a free solid brass nameplate attached. “We don’t do this as a sales gimmick,” says Davison. “We do it because we believe it is supremely important that a dog has identifying information that won’t get separated from its collar. We’ve seen too many dogs lost and never returned because their tag got lost, or they never had any ID to start with. It can break your heart.”

The DOGS Custom Shop also features a custom version of their “Almost Famous” 20 Foot Check Cord for training, as well as custom jackets and chaps for the hunter or field trialer, and leads and leashes in colors and leathers to match their custom and non-custom collars.

All of DOGS Unlimited’s dog collars, accessories, and training tools are made to stand up to tough field conditions and will last long after many other products have failed.

About Dogs Unlimited LLC – Dogs Unlimited was started in 1971 to fill a hole in the pet industry, namely bird dog training supplies. Since then, they have brought many new products to the market, many of which have become standard equipment for professional and amateur gun dog trainers alike.

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