50 Years of Better Dogs

By Alan Davison
Saturday, January 2nd 2021
This year, 2021, marks the 50th year that Dogs Unlimited has been doing business bringing fantastic gun dog training supplies to those who love the process of bringing a young dog along and watching them grow and mature.

We truly thank all of our customers who have supported us for these last 50 years. Starting with our humble beginnings in southern Ohio - where our founder, John Ingram, saw the need to provide functional gun dog training gear to folks who had bird dogs that they were training themselves - through today with our expanded offerings and continued commitment to quality gun dog training supplies and upland and waterfowl hunting gear.

We’re so excited about this 50-year milestone that we’re celebrating it with 50 deals throughout the year. Our first one starts today with our first-ever deal on our iconic Dura-Lon collars. These collars use industry leading BioThane webbing, come in 4 classic styles and sport a FREE attached personalized solid brass nameplate. And right now, they’re 15% off when using Promo Code - DURA0121.

Check back often throughout this year-long event to see what deal’s next. They’re going to be great and something you’ll want to take advantage of. We have other promotions lined up in addition to these 50 deals. Some will be introduced through our social media platforms, others we’ll send to you via emails and even more will be displayed on our website.

All-and-all we have an exciting year planned and look forward to being a part of your and your dog’s experience throughout it.