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Ruff Land Cackle Boxes for Training Birds

By Alan Davison
Friday, March 22nd 2019

These Ruff Land Cackle Boxes look to be as sturdy as you would expect from a product made by Ruff Land Performance Dog Kennels. The roto-mold procedure is strong and light at the same time. A great combination to say the least!

Three sizes should be more than enough to satisfy the dog trainer that only has a few dogs to train to professional dog trainers or even hunt clubs who manage many birds for training and hunting. Also, this sizing just isn't in height but also in width and length.

They are easy to use also. They only have end doors which are a fast fill style door; gravity and/or a full load of birds keep it closed and when it's time to retrieve birds the opening isn't so large or the box so deep that you can't get to the birds. Additionally, if you would like to release all the birds in the box at the same time simply turn it over and the door will instantly fall allowing the birds to self release.

There are plenty of air holes for the birds but if you felt compelled to add more in the top for any reason an appropriate sized drill bit will do the trick easily.

All in all, these Cackle Boxes from Ruff Land will be a great addition to any bird transporting scenario.

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