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  • Finisher Gun Sling, MAX7 Camo

Finisher Gun Sling, MAX7 Camo

by Banded Item #: 903067-57901
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Experience Concealment and Convenience with Finisher Gun Sling
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The Finisher Gun Sling in MAX7 camo by Banded offers a combination of concealment and convenience perfect for every hunting scenario. Whether you're carrying decoys, luggage or any other hunting gear, or simply making your way to the field or blind, this unique gun sling allows you to easily carry your gun over your shoulder.

The MAX7 camo pattern blends seamlessly into your hunting environment and provides the added benefit of concealment when the situation demands it. This makes it an excellent choice for those times when your gun doesn't need to be instantly accessible.

What sets the Finisher Gun Sling apart is its construction. Made of stretchable non-slip rubberized neoprene, the sling ensures both safety and comfort during use. The swivels are securely locked to prevent accidental loss, providing an extra layer of security.

One of the unique selling points of this gun sling is its adjustability. With a maximum length of 48", it can be easily adjusted to fit your needs, making it a versatile addition to any hunting gear.

Please note that this gun sling requires a barrel band and buttstock sling loop screw, which should be already installed on your long gun. With the Finisher Gun Sling in MAX7 camo by Banded, experience the perfect blend of convenience, comfort, and concealment on your next hunting trip.
  • Stretchable neoprene sling
  • 6 ABT comfort cushions
  • Tough DuraStretch facing
  • Non-Slip rubberized backing
  • Locking swivels
  • Heavy-Duty webbing strap
  • Ergonomic thumb loop
  • Adjustable to 48″ in length

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Finisher Gun Sling, MAX7 Camo Q&A

What type of camouflage does the Finisher Gun Sling offer?
The sling features a MAX5 camo pattern.
What is the sling made of?
The sling is made of stretchable non-slip rubberized neoprene.
What is the adjustable length of the Finisher Gun Sling?
The sling is adjustable up to 48 inches in length.
What kind of swivels does the sling have?
The sling has locked swivels for added safety.
Are there any comfort cushions for the gun sling?
Yes, the sling has 6 ABT comfort cushions.
What is the facing material on the sling?
The facing is made of tough DuraStretch.
Does the sling have a rubberized backing?
Yes, it has a non-slip rubberized backing.
What type of strap and loop does it feature?
It has a heavy-duty webbing strap and an ergonomic thumb loop.
Is it compatible with rifles, shotguns, and long guns?
Yes, it can be used with rifles, shotguns, and other long guns.
What components are required for installation?
It requires a barrel band and buttstock sling loop screw.

Item Specifications

Finisher Gun SlingMAX5 Camo
PatternConcealment for hunting situations
UsageCarrying gun over shoulder when hands are full
MaterialStretchable non-slip rubberized neoprene
Safety and comfort featuresABT comfort cushions, Tough DuraStretch facing
SwivelsLocking, secure
StrapHeavy-duty webbing
Thumb loopErgonomic
LengthAdjustable to 48"
CompatibilityRequires barrel band and buttstock sling loop screw on long gun
TypesRifle sling, shotgun sling, long gun sling, neoprene sling, camo sling

MAX5 Camo Finisher Gun Sling: The Ultimate Solution for Hunters On The Move

Introducing the Finisher Gun Sling in MAX5 camo, the ultimate solution for hunters on the move! This sling offers optimal concealment in various hunting situations and is perfect for times when you need to carry your gun over your shoulder, freeing up your hands for important tasks.

The Finisher Gun Sling is crafted from stretchable, non-slip rubberized neoprene, offering both safety and comfort during your hunting excursions. Secured with locked swivels and adjustable up to 48 inches in length, the sling is designed to meet your specific needs.

Featuring heavy-duty webbing strap and ergonomic thumb loop, this camo sling provides durability and effortless carrying even on the most demanding hunts. The 6 ABT comfort cushions and tough DuraStretch facing ensure that you'll feel comfortable all day long.

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