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  • Finisher Gun Sling, Black
  • Finisher Gun Sling, Black
  • Finisher Gun Sling, Black
  • Finisher Gun Sling, Black

Finisher Gun Sling, Black

by Banded Item #: 903066-57900
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Elevate Your Hunt! Upgrade to the Finisher Gun Sling for Safety & Convenience!
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The Banded Finisher Gun Sling in black is the ultimate upgrade to your hunting gear. Designed for convenience and safety, this superior sling allows for hands-free carrying of your gun, perfect when navigating through the field or approaching a blind.

Crafted from stretchable, non-slip, rubberized neoprene, the Finisher Gun Sling ensures a secure grip, enhancing your safety during your hunting adventures. It offers an advantage on days when you don't need immediate access to your gun, but still need it within reach.

The Finisher Gun Sling isn't just functional, it's also designed for comfort. The locked swivels provide maximum security, preventing accidental slips or releases. What sets this sling apart is its adjustable length, extending up to 48", providing a custom fit for various hunting scenarios.

Please note that the Finisher Gun Sling requires a barrel band and buttstock sling loop screw, which should be pre-installed on your long gun for seamless usage.

The Finisher Gun Sling by Banded is more than just a gun sling; it's a blend of safety, comfort, and convenience. It's an essential piece of hunting gear that will elevate your hunting experience. Experience the Banded difference with the Finisher Gun Sling in black.
  • Stretchable neoprene sling
  • 6 ABT comfort cushions
  • Tough DuraStretch facing
  • Non-Slip rubberized backing
  • Locking swivels
  • Heavy-Duty webbing strap
  • Ergonomic thumb loop
  • Adjustable to 48″ in length

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Finisher Gun Sling, Black Q&A

What is the Finisher Gun Sling made from?
The sling is made from stretchable non-slip rubberized neoprene.
How long can the Finisher Gun Sling be adjusted?
The sling is adjustable to 48 inches in length.
What are the comfort features of the Finisher Gun Sling?
It features 6 ABT comfort cushions, non-slip rubberized backing, and an ergonomic thumb loop.
How do I attach the Finisher Gun Sling to my gun?
It requires barrel band and buttstock sling loop screw already installed on your long gun.
Can I use this gun sling for my shotgun?
Yes, it works for shotguns as well.
What color is the Finisher Gun Sling?
It is available in black.
Is the gun sling easy to use?
Yes, it includes an ergonomic thumb loop for easy usage.
What type of backing does the Finisher Gun Sling have?
It has a non-slip rubberized backing for added safety and comfort.
What is the purpose of the tough DuraStretch facing?
The DuraStretch facing adds durability to the gun sling, ensuring it lasts longer.
What is the benefit of having the Finisher Gun Sling in my hunting gear?
It provides a comfortable and convenient way to carry your gun, freeing up your hands for other tasks.

Item Specifications

Material and DesignStretchable non-slip rubberized neoprene, DuraStretch facing
SwivelsLocking swivels for added security
Strap and Comfort6 ABT comfort cushions, heavy-duty webbing strap
Ergonomics and AdjustabilityAdjustable to 48" in length, ergonomic thumb loop
Additional Hardware RequiredBarrel band, buttstock sling loop screw installed on gun

Finisher Gun Sling - A Must-Have Addition to Your Hunting Gear

The Finisher Gun Sling in black is the perfect accessory for hunters who want a practical and comfortable solution for carrying their gun. Made from stretchable non-slip rubberized neoprene, this sling is designed to provide safety and comfort during your hunting expeditions. With its adjustable length of up to 48 inches, it is perfect for carrying your gun over your shoulder when your hands are full or you're moving through the field or to the blind.

The Finisher Gun Sling includes 6 ABT comfort cushions, a tough DuraStretch facing, non-slip rubberized backing, locking swivels, and a heavy-duty webbing strap. The ergonomic thumb loop ensures ease of use and makes carrying your gun a breeze. Featuring secure swivels to attach to barrel bands and buttstock sling loops on your long gun, this hunting accessory is both versatile and durable.

Upgrade your hunting equipment with the reliable and stylish Finisher Gun Sling in black. Its practical design and high-quality materials ensure that you can focus on hunting, leaving no room for discomfort or inconvenience. Make your hunting experience even better by adding this essential piece of gear to your collection. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to enhance your hunting adventures.

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