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The Nylon Water Bottle Holder is an essential tool for keeping your gun dog hydrated during rigorous field trial competitions. When the last five minutes are the difference between victory and defeat, hydration becomes critical. Our Nylon Water Bottle Holder is designed to carry a 64 oz Gatorade plastic bottle, allowing easy access to water when your dog needs it most.

Constructed from durable nylon, this water bottle holder is designed to withstand the rough and tumble of field trials. The holder is equipped with a heavy-duty solid brass bolt snap, allowing for quick and easy attachment to your horse saddle. This ensures you are always ready to provide your dog with the hydration they need to succeed.

The Nylon Water Bottle Holder has been designed specifically for the Gatorade bottle, known for its large mouth for easy water disbursement and extra heavy-duty plastic that outlasts traditional pop bottles. This product has been tested rigorously by Sherry Ebert, a name well-known in the field trial world. If it impresses Sherry, it's sure to impress you too.

Whether you're in a competition or just out for a ride, the Nylon Water Bottle Holder for horse saddles is the perfect accessory to keep your dog hydrated and performing at their best. With its superior durability, easy attachment, and perfect fit for Gatorade bottles, this water bottle holder is a must-have for any dog owners who want to ensure their pets stay hydrated and healthy.

In a game where every minute counts, make sure your dog is well-equipped with the Nylon Water Bottle Holder by Sherry Ebert. Trust us, your dog will thank you for it.

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Nylon Water Bottle Holder Q&A

How much water does the holder carry?
The holder can carry a 64 oz (1.89 liters) Gatorade bottle.
What type of bottle is the holder designed for?
The holder is designed for Gatorade plastic bottles.
Why is the Gatorade bottle recommended?
Gatorade bottles have a big mouth for easy water disbursement and are made of extra heavy duty plastic for durability.
Who tested the Nylon Water Bottle Holder?
The holder has been tested by Sherry Ebert.
What type of dogs is this water bottle holder suitable for?
It is suitable for gun dogs, especially during field trials and competitions.
Can the water bottle holder be used for horses?
Yes, it can be used as a saddle water bottle holder or a horseback water bottle holder.
What is the main purpose of this product?
The main purpose is to keep your gun dogs hydrated during outdoor activities, especially competitions.
What makes this water bottle holder better than others?
It is designed specifically for Gatorade bottles, ensuring durability and practicality, and has been recommended by Sherry Ebert.
How does the water bottle holder help in competitions?
It keeps your gun dog hydrated, which may be the key difference between your dog and competitors during the last minutes of a competition.
Can this holder be used for other outdoor activities?
Yes, it is versatile and can be used for a variety of outdoor activities requiring hydration for dogs or horse saddles.

Item Specifications

Designed for64 oz (1.89 liters) Gatorade plastic bottle
Compatible withHorse saddle, gun dogs, field trials
Special featuresBig mouth for easy water disbursement, extra heavy-duty plastic, tested by Sherry Ebert, leather strap
AlternativesField trial water bottle holder, horseback water bottle holder, strap water bottle holder, water bottle holder for horse saddle
UseKeep dogs hydrated during competitions
BenefitsHelp improve dogs' performance, ensure access to water, durable and long-lasting

Nylon Water Bottle Holder: The Perfect Solution to Keep Your Gun Dog Hydrated

This Nylon Water Bottle Holder helps keep your gun dogs hydrated, particularly during competitions where water may be the key difference between your dog and your competitors. With a 64 oz (1.89 liters) capacity, it carries a Gatorade plastic bottle with a big mouth for easy water disbursement.

Designed specifically for Gatorade bottles and tested by Sherry Ebert, our water bottle holder ensures durability and reliability in the field. The extra heavy duty plastic of the Gatorade bottle also outlasts classic pop bottles, making it a superior choice for field trial gear.

Adaptable for various uses, this nylon water bottle holder can be used as a saddle water bottle holder, horseback water bottle holder, and water bottle holder for dogs, ensuring convenience and versatility in all your outdoor activities.

From dog bowls, pails, and accessories, our Nylon Water Bottle Holder is a valuable addition to your collection, ensuring your gun dogs stay hydrated and perform at their best during field trials and competitions.

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