• Nylon Water Bottle Holder

Nylon Water Bottle Holder

by Sherry Ebert Item #: 1121030-00050
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When gun dogs are working hard they need water and that's a fact. It's even more apparent when you're in competition and the difference between your dog and your competitors is the last 5 minutes. Water may be the determining factor.

Our Nylon Water Bottle Holder will carry a 64 oz -- that's 1.89 liters for the rest of the world -- Gatorade plastic bottle. We like these bottles because they have a big mouth for easy disbursement of water when you need it and the plastic is extra heavy duty. Field trial gear just seems to get beat up and this plastic bottle seems to last longer than the classic pop bottles.

This nylon water bottle holder was designed for the Gatorade bottle and tested for years by Sherry Ebert. And if it impresses Sherry Ebert it certainly impresses us. We think it will impress you too.

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