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  • Banded, 5mm Dog Parka, Habitat
  • Banded, 5mm Dog Parka, Habitat
  • Banded, 5mm Dog Parka, Habitat
  • Banded, 5mm Dog Parka, Habitat

Banded, 5mm Dog Parka, Habitat

by Banded Item #: 903069-M
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Keep Your Dog Warm and Safe with the Banded 5mm Dog Parka
Introducing the Banded 5mm Dog Parka Habitat, a premium dog parka that offers unparalleled protection and warmth for your canine companion. Expertly crafted with a 5mm thickness, this parka not only seals in body heat to keep your dog warm in cold environments, but also features a banded design for enhanced security against outdoor hazards.

One of the standout features of this parka is its integrated flotation padding. This unique attribute adds buoyancy to your dog, making swimming safer and more enjoyable. Coupled with easy lift handles, retrieving your dog from water has never been easier, offering added safety and convenience.

What sets the Banded 5mm Dog Parka Habitat apart from other products in the market is its customizable fit. It can be tailored to provide a snug and comfortable fit for your dog, maximizing both comfort and mobility. This means your dog can perform at their best, regardless of the environment.

The Banded 5mm Dog Parka Habitat is available in a wide array of sizes, from Small to 3X-Large. To ensure the perfect fit, simply measure your dog's neck and chest using a soft measuring tape. It's important to note that the chest measurement is crucial for your dog's overall comfort.

In summary, the Banded 5mm Dog Parka Habitat is more than just a parka. It's a testament to our commitment to your dog's safety, warmth, and well-being. Choose the right size today and let your dog enjoy the comfort, safety, and performance that our parka offers.
  • 5mm spandura neoprene construction
  • Heavy-duty zipper
  • Easy lift handles
  • Dog leash clip
  • Flotation padding provides additional buoyancy
  • Easily trims for a perfect fit around neck and leg areas

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Banded, 5mm Dog Parka, Habitat Q&A

How does the Banded 5mm Dog Parka ensure warmth?
The parka is constructed from 5mm spandura neoprene, which traps in body heat for additional warmth.
What does the flotation padding provide?
The integrated flotation padding adds buoyancy, helping your dog stay afloat during water activities.
How can I ensure the perfect fit for my dog?
The parka can be easily trimmed around the neck and leg areas for a comfortable fit.
Can the dog parka be securely fastened?
Yes, the parka includes a heavy-duty zipper for secure fastening.
What is the purpose of the easy lift handles?
The easy lift handles allow for a quick and convenient grab when you need to lift your dog.
Does the parka include a leash clip?
Yes, the parka comes with a dog leash clip for added convenience.
How do I determine the correct size parka for my dog?
Measure your dog's neck and chest using a soft measuring tape; the chest measurement is the most important factor for comfort.
Is this parka suitable for waterfowl hunting dogs?
Yes, the Banded 5mm Dog Parka is designed to provide protection and comfort for waterfowl hunting dogs.
Will the parka help to improve my dog's performance in the field?
Yes, the parka provides protection and comfort, which can help enhance your dog's overall performance.
What is the main purpose of the Banded 5mm Dog Parka?
The parka's main purpose is to protect your dog from dangerous snags in the field while providing warmth, buoyancy, and easy access handles.

Item Specifications

Banded 5mm Dog ParkaDesigned for protection against dangerous snags
Traps body heatProvides additional warmth for dogs
Integrated floatation paddingOffers additional buoyancy
Easy lift handlesAllows for easy grab by owners
Easily trimmedEnsures a perfect fit around neck and leg areas
5mm Spandura neoprene constructionEnsures durability and protection
Heavy-duty zipperProvides secure fitting
Dog leash clipAllows for attachment of leash
HabitatThe parka's environment: waterfowl and dog parks

Banded 5mm Dog Parka Habitat: The Ultimate Protection and Comfort for Your Dog

Introducing the Banded 5mm Dog Parka Habitat, designed with your dog's protection, warmth and buoyancy in mind. This amazing product ensures top-notch safety and comfort for your beloved pet while in the field.

Constructed from 5mm spandura neoprene, the parka is durable, warm, and comfortable for your dog. Not only does it provide protection against snags, but it also features integrated flotation padding for added buoyancy during water activities.

With the easy lift handles and dog leash clip, handling and securing your dog has never been easier. Plus, you can easily trim this parka for a perfect fit around the neck and leg areas, ensuring total comfort for your pet.

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