• GHG, Greenhead Gear, QuickRig Texas System

GHG, Greenhead Gear, QuickRig Texas System

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Experience Tangle-Free Decoy Rigging with GHG QuickRig Texas System
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The Ultimate Decoy Rigging System!

GHG® Decoy Systems — QuickRig Anchor System will eliminate tangled lines forever.

12 pieces QuickRig System

4 oz weight / 30" line
  • The absolute best no-gimmick anchor rig system
  • Premium monofilament lines will never tangle
  • Carabiner keeps decoys organized between hunts
  • 400 lb test monofilament lines
  • Duck Egg™ weights
  • 5” floating carabiner
  • Copper line sleeves
  • 4-oz weight

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GHG, Greenhead Gear, QuickRig Texas System Q&A

What is the main benefit of the GHG QuickRig Texas System?
The main benefit is its tangle-free premium monofilament lines which eliminates tangled lines and keeps decoys organized.
What is the weight of the QuickRig System?
The QuickRig System has a 4-oz weight.
What is the length of the line in the QuickRig System?
The line in the QuickRig System is 30 inches long.
What type of lines does the QuickRig System use?
The QuickRig System uses premium 400 lb test monofilament lines.
What type of weights is included in the QuickRig Texas System?
Duck Egg weights are included in the system.
What is the purpose of the floating carabiner?
The 5 floating carabiner helps to keep decoys organized between hunts.
What type of line sleeves are included in the system?
The QuickRig Texas System includes copper line sleeves.
Is the QuickRigTexas System easy to use?
Yes, the system is designed to be easy to use and efficient for hunters.
How does the GHG QuickRig Texas System improve the hunting experience?
It improves the hunting experience by providing a reliable, easy-to-use, and tangle-free decoy rigging solution.
What makes the QuickRig Texas System an all-in-one decoy rigging solution?
It includes everything needed for decoy rigging, such as premium lines, weights, carabiner, and line sleeves, to eliminate tangled lines and keep decoys organized.

Item Specifications

GHGGreenhead Gear
QuickRig Texas SystemThe Ultimate Decoy Rigging System
QuickRig Anchor SystemEliminates tangled lines
12 Pieces QuickRig System4 oz weight / 30" line
No-Gimmick Anchor Rig SystemThe absolute best available
Premium Monofilament LinesWill never tangle
CarabinerKeeps decoys organized between hunts
400 lb Test Monofilament LinesHigh weight capacity
Duck Egg WeightsUnique design for weights
5" Floating CarabinerVersatile accessory
Copper Line SleevesImprove durability
4-oz Weight Decoy QuickRig SystemEfficient rig system for decoys

GHG QuickRig Texas System: Tangle-Free, Premium Decoy Rigging Solution

Introducing the GHG QuickRig Texas System, the ultimate decoy rigging system designed to make your hunting experience hassle-free. Its tangle-free premium monofilament lines ensure your decoys remain organized between hunts.

The GHG QuickRig Texas System not only eliminates tangled lines but also comes with a 5 floating carabiner, duck egg weights, and copper line sleeves to provide an all-in-one decoy rigging solution. With 400 lb test monofilament lines, this system guarantees a durable and reliable performance.

The 4-oz weight and 30-inch line included in the GHG QuickRig Texas System make it the absolute best no-gimmick anchor rig system available. Invest in this efficient and easy-to-use decoy rigging solution and transform your hunting experience today.