• Avery, PerfectHold HexaBumper
  • Avery, PerfectHold HexaBumper
  • Avery, PerfectHold HexaBumper
  • Avery, PerfectHold HexaBumper
  • Avery, PerfectHold HexaBumper
  • Avery, PerfectHold HexaBumper
  • Avery, PerfectHold HexaBumper
  • Avery, PerfectHold HexaBumper

Avery, PerfectHold HexaBumper

by Avery Item #: 903020-M
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Master the Art of Retrieval Training with Avery PerfectHold HexaBumper
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Let's face it, sometimes our dogs just don't pick up the bird in the most effective way possible, by the body. The new Avery Sporting Dog PerfectHold HexaBumper is designed to train your dog exactly how to pick up a bird.

Picking up the bumper in the middle instead of the ends is accomplished using the new dumbbell design that includes large Hex-shaped ends that promote the proper pick-up of your bumper and thus a bird. The V-grips in the middle of the bumper also help your dog maintain a good grip and the firmer feel helps reduce chomping tendencies.

Help your dog become a "perfect" retriever by training them with the Avery PerfectHold HexaBumper!
  • Six flat sides offer dog easy grip and hold
  • VGRIPS promote soft mouth with easier hold
  • Firmer feel helps reduce chomping tendency
  • Everlasting leak-proof valveless design
  • 10" floating throw rope attached
  • Available in White, Orange & Flasher colors
  • Dimensions - 10" Length, 3" Ends and 2" Center

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Avery, PerfectHold HexaBumper Q&A

What is the purpose of the Hex-shaped ends?
The Hex-shaped ends promote proper bird pick-up and grip for your dog during training.
How do the V-grips help my dog?
The V-grips provide a firmer grip to help your dog hold the bumper without chomping on it.
Can I use this bumper for any dog breed?
Yes, the Avery PerfectHold HexaBumper is suitable for all dog breeds.
What are the available colors for the HexaBumper?
It is available in White, Orange, and Flasher colors.
What is the main goal of the Avery PerfectHold HexaBumper?
The main goal is to train your dog to become a perfect retriever through proper pick-up and grip techniques.
How does the valveless design benefit me?
The everlasting leak-proof valveless design ensures the durability and longevity of the bumper.
What are the dimensions of the HexaBumper?
It has a 10-inch length, 3-inch ends, and a 2-inch center.
Is there a throw rope included?
Yes, a 10-inch floating throw rope is attached.
How do six flat sides help my dog?
The six flat sides make it easy for your dog to grip and hold the bumper during training.
Why is the firmer feel important?
A firmer feel helps reduce your dog's chomping tendencies during training.

Item Specifications

Product NameAvery PerfectHold HexaBumper
DesignDumbbell design with large Hex-shaped ends
PurposeTrain dogs to pick up the bumper and birds effectively
V-gripsHelp dogs maintain a good grip
Firmer feelReduces chomping tendencies
FeaturesSix flat sides, leak-proof valveless
Dimension10" Length, 3" Ends, 2" Center
Accessories10" floating throw rope attached
ColorsWhite, Orange & Flasher colors
Related Termsdog training bumpers, retriever training bumper, dog training dummy, etc.

Revolutionize Dog Retrieval Training: Avery PerfectHold HexaBumper

Introducing the ultimate training tool for your dog - the Avery PerfectHold HexaBumper. Designed to teach your canine companion how to properly pick up a bird, this innovative bumper incorporates a dumbbell design with large Hex-shaped ends to promote the correct pick-up and grip technique.

Equipped with V-grips in the middle, the HexaBumper fosters a firm grip for your dog while reducing their chomping tendencies. By using this innovative bumper, you will be on your way to training your dog to become the perfect retriever.

The Avery PerfectHold HexaBumper is built to last with its everlasting leak-proof valveless design, and includes a 10-inch floating throw rope, making it an excellent addition to your retriever training supplies. Available in White, Orange, and Flasher colors, this bumper is perfect for enhancing your dog's training experience.