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  • Dura-Lon Dog Leash
  • Dura-Lon Dog Leash
  • Dura-Lon Dog Leash
  • Dura-Lon Dog Leash
  • Dura-Lon Dog Leash
  • Dura-Lon Dog Leash
  • Dura-Lon Dog Leash
  • Dura-Lon Dog Leash
  • Dura-Lon Dog Leash
  • Dura-Lon Dog Leash
  • Dura-Lon Dog Leash
  • Dura-Lon Dog Leash
  • Dura-Lon Dog Leash
  • Dura-Lon Dog Leash

Dura-Lon Dog Leash

by Dura-lon Item #: 1001905-M
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Upgrade Your Dog Walking Experience
$26.95 - $30.95$26.95
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The Dura-Lon Dog Leash by Dogs Unlimited LLC - the ultimate fusion of style, durability, and functionality for your beloved canine companion. Say goodbye to clashing styles and mismatched looks with our Dura-Lon leash, designed to perfectly complement your dog's Dura-Lon collar.

Expertly crafted with authentic BioThane webbing, our Dura-Lon Dog Leashes are not only visually stunning but also incredibly strong and long-lasting. The nickel hardware adds an extra touch of elegance, ensuring a seamless match with your dog's collar.

One of the unique aspects of our Dura-Lon leashes is the convenient O-ring in the handle. This innovative feature allows you to go hands-free when your dog is off-leash, providing the ultimate dog-walking experience for both you and your pet.

With a variety of length options (48 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches) and a vibrant array of color choices (Orange, Red, Yellow, Royal Blue, Hot Pink, and Light Green), you can customize your Dura-Lon Dog Leash to suit your individual style and cater to your dog's specific needs.

Upgrade your dog walking experience with a Dura-Lon Dog Leash from Dogs Unlimited LLC. Enjoy the perfect blend of style, strength, and convenience on your next walk, and let your dog strut their stuff with confidence. Order yours today and experience the difference a high-quality leash can make.

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Dura-Lon Dog Leash Q&A

What material is the Dura-Lon Dog Leash made from?
The leash is made from authentic BioThane webbing.
What kind of hardware does the leash have?
The leash features nickel hardware.
Does the Dura-Lon Dog Leash come in different lengths?
Yes, you can pick the length that is right for you and your dog.
Is there an option for hands-free usage?
Yes, the O-ring in the handle allows for hands-free convenience when your dog is off leash.
What colors are available for the Dura-Lon Dog Leash?
You can choose the right color to match up beautifully with your dog's collar.
How does the Dura-Lon leash enhance the dog walking experience?
It offers unmatched durability, style, and a comfortable grip for hassle-free strolls.
Is the leash easy to maintain and clean?
Yes, the BioThane material makes it easy to clean and maintain.
Can the leash be used for outdoor adventures?
Yes, it is ideal for walks, runs, and outdoor adventures.
Will the leash match my dog's Dura-Lon collar?
Yes, it is designed to beautifully complement your dog's Dura-Lon collar.
What can I use the O-ring handle for?
The O-ring handle is designed for hands-free convenience while the dog roams free.

Item Specifications

MaterialAuthentic BioThane webbing
HardwareNickel hardware
Handle FeaturesO-ring for hands-free use when dog is off leash
Customizable AttributesLength and color selection
Matching CollarDura-Lon collar
UsageDog walking

Dura-Lon Dog Leash: Matching Style and Durability for Your Dog Walking Needs

Introducing the Dura-Lon Dog Leash, designed to perfectly complement your dog's Dura-Lon collar. Made from authentic BioThane webbing and featuring nickel hardware, this leash ensures unmatched durability and style for your daily walks. It's not just about having a matching set, the Dura-Lon leash offers a comfortable grip and ease of use that will certainly elevate your dog walking experience.

Choose the perfect length and color for your Dura-Lon Dog Leash, tailored to suit both you and your dog's requirements. Avoid the embarrassment of clashing styles and upgrade to a leash that matches your dog's collar beautifully. The O-ring in the handle is designed for hands-free convenience when your dog is off the leash, ensuring a hassle-free experience on your daily strolls.

Enhance your dog walking experience with the Dura-Lon Dog Leash, an accessory that shares the impeccable quality and style of its collar counterpart. Enjoy smooth walks with your dog while flaunting a leash made from sturdy BioThane webbing and nickel hardware. Moreover, the O-ring handle provides a practical solution when your dog wishes to roam free, making the Dura-Lon leash your ultimate partner on daily walks.

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