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  • Hugglehide Bone
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Hugglehide Bone

by HuggleHounds Item #: 1374010-M
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Satisfy Your Dog's Chewing Needs with HuggleHide Bone!
$6.99 - $10.99$6.99
Introducing the HuggleHide Bone - a premium chew toy that's set to become a favorite in every dog's playtime roster. Designed with your canine's chewing needs in mind, this bone-shaped toy brings countless hours of chewing delight and satisfaction, making it the perfect gift for your canine companion.

Crafted from tanned water buffalo and cowhide, and filled with cotton rope, the HuggleHide Bone is not only appealing but also completely natural. This robust chew toy mimics the shape and chew texture of rawhide, providing your dog with a safe and satisfying substitute.

Apart from being a source of joy for your pets, the HuggleHide Bone serves a dual purpose by promoting dental health. Its distinct texture helps clean your dog's teeth and stimulate their jaws during their chew sessions, making it an effective tool in maintaining their oral hygiene.

The HuggleHide Bone doesn't just keep your dogs entertained, it also deters them from gnawing on your valuable items. With this chew toy, you can keep your cherished belongings safe and your pets satisfied at the same time.

Available in Small, Medium and Large sizes, the HuggleHide Bone caters to dogs of all sizes and breeds. Since each toy is individually made, there may be slight variations in size, adding a unique touch to each piece.

HuggleHounds understands that toys are not just a source of amusement but also vital for your dog's emotional balance and mental stimulation. Their toys are designed to fulfill your dog's instinctive drives, keep them busy and help expend their energy in a fun and healthy way.

Our HuggleHide Bone is an investment in your dog's emotional well-being and a testament to our commitment to providing only the best dog chew toys. Remember, a chewed toy is always better than a chewed shoe. So, make the smart choice and treat your dog to a HuggleHide Bone today! No returns on chews, treats, or toys for the ultimate in safety and satisfaction.



Individually made, so size may vary slightly.

Small 3-4" (Approx. 9mm diameter)
Medium 5-6" (Approx. 16mm diameter)
Large 10-12" (Approx, 20mm diameter)


Never Fear, They’re Always Worth the Price!

One of the chief complaints HuggleHounds hears about dog toys is they don’t last, and people wrongly assume that could make them a waste of money. Below are a few of the many reasons you should always feel good about spending your hard-earned money on a toy for your dog.

1.Toys help with a dog’s emotional balance. Dogs that get the necessary physical and mental stimulation tend to be healthier and more emotionally well-balanced.

2.Playing with toys stimulates your dog’s mind and promotes problem-solving skills.

3.Toys keep dogs busy. And guess what? When your dog is busy, he doesn’t have time to get into trouble.

4.Toys help fulfill instinctive drives like ripping and shredding, hunting and finding food, and chasing and herding.

5.Toys help dogs expend energy. Fetching and retrieving help expend all that pent-up canine energy. And when you’re an active participant in the fun, you get the added benefit of bonding time with your pup. So go ahead, grab a toy and join the fun!

And of course, there’s another reason toys are such an important investment for your dog. Even if (or when) a toy gets shredded or damaged, remember, that could have been your shoe, your sock, your power cord, your rug, your… you get the picture.

Never deprive your dog of toys because you think they’re a waste of money. Toys are made to be played with, and with dogs, that can sometimes mean destruction. And that’s another reason why selecting the right toy – one designed and manufactured with the utmost safety in mind – is so crucial. Consider the purchase an investment in your dog’s emotional well-being.

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Hugglehide Bone Q&A

What is the HuggleHide Bone made of?
The HuggleHide Bone is made from tanned water buffalo and cowhide with cotton rope stuffing.
How does the HuggleHide Bone benefit my dog?
It provides chewing satisfaction, promotes dental hygiene, exercises their jaws, and keeps them occupied.
Is the HuggleHide Bone a safe alternative to rawhide?
Yes, it's made with all-natural materials and provides the same satisfaction as rawhide.
What sizes are available for the HuggleHide Bone?
Small (3-4 inches), Medium (5-6 inches), and Large (10-12 inches).
Can the HuggleHide Bone contribute to my dog's emotional balance?
Yes, using toys like HuggleHide Bone helps with their emotional balance and overall well-being.
Will my dog stay busy with the HuggleHide Bone?
Yes, the HuggleHide Bone will keep your dog occupied and mentally stimulated.
Does the HuggleHide Bone promote problem-solving skills?
Yes, playing with the toy stimulates your dog's mind and encourages problem-solving skills.
Is the HuggleHide Bone worth the investment?
Absolutely, investing in a quality chew toy like HuggleHide Bone benefits your dog's emotional well-being and health.
Do the sizes of the HuggleHide Bone vary slightly?
Yes, each bone is individually made, so the sizes may vary slightly.
Is there a return policy for the HuggleHide Bone?
No, due to the nature of the product, there are no returns on chews, treats, or toys with no exceptions.

Item Specifications

Product NameHuggleHide Bone
Product DescriptionBone-shaped chew toy for dogs
MaterialsTanned water buffalo, cowhide, cotton rope
BenefitsCleans dog's teeth, exercises jaws, keeps dogs occupied
Return PolicyNo returns on chews, treats, or toys
SizeSmall: 3-4" (9mm diameter), Medium: 5-6" (16mm diameter), Large: 10-12" (20mm diameter)
Reasons to Invest in Dog ToysEmotional balance, mental stimulation, problem-solving skills, fulfilling instincts, expending energy
Importance of Toys Even If Damaged or DestroyedPrevents dogs from chewing on household items, never deprive dogs of toys

HuggleHide Bone: The Ultimate Natural Chew Toy for Dogs

Introducing the HuggleHide Bone - a perfect solution for dogs who love to chew. This innovative chew toy is designed with tanned water buffalo and cowhide, providing a safe and all-natural alternative to rawhide. Stuffed with cotton rope, the HuggleHide Bone will keep your dog entertained and happy for hours.

Not only is the HuggleHide Bone enjoyable for your dog, but it also offers a range of benefits including dental hygiene and exercise for their jaws. By chewing on this toy, your dog's teeth will stay clean and healthy, while also providing them with a productive way to stay occupied and away from other household items.

The HuggleHide Bone comes in a variety of sizes, catering to any dog breed. As each bone is individually made, the sizes may slightly vary. Rest assured that your investment in a HuggleHide Bone will contribute to your dog's overall well-being and emotional balance.

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