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  • Acme, Tornado Pealess Whistle, 635, Black

Acme, Tornado Pealess Whistle, 635, Black

by Acme Whistles Item #: 1344170-63501
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Revolutionize Dog Training with Acme's High-Pitch, High-Volume Tornado Pealess Whistle 635
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The Acme Tornado Pealess Whistle 635 - is a must-have for every dog trainer. This high-quality whistle, brought to you by Acme Whistles, is expertly designed for optimal dog training, delivering a high-pitch and high-volume sound that's capable of reaching an impressive 120dBA.

The Acme 635 Whistle stands out in the market for its durability and longevity, thanks to its sturdy black plastic construction. Its sleek design is not just visually appealing but also offers a functional advantage, ensuring it can effectively grab your dog's attention in any environment - be it a crowded park or a windy beach.

Unlike conventional whistles that produce a trill sound, the Acme Tornado Pealess Whistle 635 offers a clear, consistent sound due to its pealess design. This unique feature makes it the best dog whistle for training across all levels, from amateur pet owners to professional gundog trainers. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining control and communicating commands efficiently.

As part of our premier range of dog training whistles for sale, the Acme Tornado Pealess Whistle 635 is a popular choice among those seeking dog whistles that work. Whether you're in need of a reliable gundog training whistle or just an effective training tool for your pet, this whistle will not disappoint.

Experience the benefits of a high-quality, high-volume training tool with the Acme Tornado Pealess Whistle 635. Acme Whistles - your trusted partner in dog training. Discover the difference today!
  • Very loud
  • High Pitch
  • Pealess whistle

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Acme, Tornado Pealess Whistle, 635, Black Q&A

What is the sound output produced by the Acme Tornado Pealess Whistle 635?
The whistle produces sound up to 120dBA.
Does this whistle produce a trill sound?
No, the Acme Tornado 635 is a pealess whistle, and it does not produce a trill sound.
What material is the whistle made of?
The whistle is made from black plastic.
Is this whistle suitable for gun dog training?
Yes, it is perfect for gun dog training and other dog training purposes.
Can this whistle be used for other dog training purposes?
Yes, its versatile design allows it to be used for various dog training tasks.
What is the main advantage of using a pealess whistle?
A pealess whistle provides a high-pitch sound without the trill, making it ideal for clear communication.
What sound level can this whistle reach?
It can reach up to 120dBA with its high-volume output.
Is the Acme Tornado 635 designed for professional trainers?
Yes, it is suitable for both professional trainers and pet owners alike.
Does the design of the whistle impact its effectiveness?
Yes, its unique design optimizes sound output and eliminates the trill sound common in pea whistles.
Can this whistle be used for bird dog whistle training?
Yes, the Acme Tornado 635 is suitable for bird dog whistle training.

Item Specifications

ModelTornado Pealess Whistle, 635
Unique DesignAllows for a high-pitched, high-volume whistle (up to 120dBA)
Ideal UseGetting your dog's attention
PealessNo trill sound from a whistle that uses a pea
LoudnessVery loud
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Acme Tornado Pealess Whistle 635: Elevate Your Dog Training Techniques

Introducing the Acme Tornado Pealess Whistle 635 - a high-quality whistle designed to provide optimal dog training with its high-pitch and high-volume sound output. Made from durable black plastic, this whistle is an excellent tool for professional trainers and pet owners alike.

With its unique design, the Acme Tornado Pealess Whistle 635 produces sound up to 120dBA, allowing clear communication from a distance. No need to worry about the trill sound that comes with pea whistles, as this model eliminates it.

Perfect for gun dog training, bird dog whistle training, and other dog training purposes, this Acme Tornado 635 whistle offers versatility in its applications. Discover the impact and effectiveness of utilizing this whistle for your training needs.

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