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  • Acme, Dual Tone Whistle, 640, Orange
  • Acme, Dual Tone Whistle, 640, Orange
  • Acme, Dual Tone Whistle, 640, Orange
  • Acme, Dual Tone Whistle, 640, Orange

Acme, Dual Tone Whistle, 640, Orange

by Acme Whistles Item #: 1021045-00002
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Get the Best Training Experience with Acme Dual Tone Whistle
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The Acme Dual Tone Whistle 640 in vibrant orange - is an efficient and versatile training tool crafted specifically for bird dog trainers and handlers. This exceptional whistle features a dual-tone design, offering two distinct high pitch sounds for more effective communication.

One side of the whistle contains a pea, producing a unique sound, while the other side is pea-less, generating a different tone. This innovative design allows dog trainers to communicate different commands effectively, enhancing their training experience.

The Acme Dual Tone Whistle 640 is not just the best dog whistle on the market, but it's also a popular choice for gundog training. Its unique dual-tone feature sets it apart from other dog training whistles for sale, offering a level of versatility and efficiency that is unmatched.

The whistle comes with a durable nylon lanyard for easy accessibility and convenience during training sessions. Its vibrant orange color also makes it easy to locate, even in outdoor environments. Acme Whistles, known for their superior quality and design, ensures that this whistle delivers the performance that trainers need.

With the Acme Dual Tone Whistle 640, you're not just buying a whistle, you're investing in a tool that really works. Make your training sessions more effective and productive with Acme's top-rated dog whistles.
  • Orange plastic construction
  • Two whistles in one
  • Lanyard included
  • One whistle has a pea the other does not

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Acme, Dual Tone Whistle, 640, Orange Q&A

What distinguishes the two whistles?
One whistle has a pea and the other is pea-less.
What is the shape of the Acme 640 whistle?
The whistle is a durable orange plastic construction.
What accessory comes with the Acme Dual Tone Whistle?
It includes a nylon lanyard.
What kind of training is this whistle suitable for?
The whistle is ideal for gun dog and bird dog training.
Is there a difference in the pitch of the two whistles?
Both whistles produce high pitch sounds.
What makes the Acme 640 whistle unique?
It has a dual tone design with pea and pea-less whistle options.
Why should I choose the Acme Dual Tone Whistle?
The convenience of two whistles in one and trusted Acme Whistles quality make it an ideal choice.
Is the lanyard detachable?
Yes, the nylon lanyard can be detached.
What is the primary material used in the whistle's construction?
The whistle is made from durable plastic.
How does the Acme Dual Tone Whistle improve training?
It provides effective communication with your dog to enhance training and achieve better results.

Item Specifications

Product NameAcme Dual Tone Whistle 640
Two Whistles in OneYes
Lanyard IncludedYes
Pea and Pea-less WhistlesOne whistle has a pea, the other does not
Suitable for Gun Dog TrainingYes
High Pitch WhistlesYes

Acme Dual Tone Whistle 640 - Your Go-to Companion for Dog Training

Introducing the Acme Dual Tone Whistle 640 in Orange, a marvel of design and utility that provides dog trainers and handlers with a reliable and versatile tool for effective communication with their dogs during training sessions.

This innovative whistle features two high pitch whistles in one lightweight, durable plastic construction. The unique design includes one pea-less whistle and another with a pea, meeting various training needs and preferences.

Enhance your dog's training and achieve better results with this dual tone whistle that produces distinct and consistent sounds. The orange color makes it easily visible while the nylon lanyard ensures it stays with you throughout the training.

Ideal for gun dog and hunting dog training, the Acme Dual Tone Whistle 640 sets itself apart as a top choice for professional trainers and dog enthusiasts alike. Trust in the quality and performance of Acme Whistles to elevate your training experience.

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