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  • Acme, Plastic Dog Training Whistle, Orange, 210.5

Acme, Plastic Dog Training Whistle, Orange, 210.5

by Acme Whistles Item #: 1021001-00002
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Train Your Canine with the Acme 210.5 Whistle
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Introducing the Acme 210.5 Plastic Dog Training Whistle in vibrant orange. This high-quality whistle is designed specifically for gun dogs, making it one of the best dog whistles on the market for trainers and trialers alike.

The Acme 210.5 dog training whistle is 3 1/2" long and cast from durable, orange plastic, ensuring it remains comfortable to use in any weather conditions. Whether training, hunting, or field trialing, this whistle is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

Unique to this whistle is its pealess design. This means the sound it produces is a pure, high-pitched whistle with no trilling. This distinct sound makes it the whistle of choice for many spaniels and close-working gun dog trainers and trialers, enhancing the effectiveness of their training sessions.

Easy to use and highly effective, this whistle is a must-have tool for any dog training enthusiast. If you're looking for dog whistles for sale, consider the Acme 210.5. Not only is it one of the best dog training whistles on the market, but it's also a reliable and durable choice for all your dog training needs.

Experience the unique benefits of the Acme 210.5 Plastic Dog Training Whistle and elevate your training sessions today. With Acme Whistles, training your dog has never been easier!
  • Orange plastic construction
  • Pealess design

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Acme, Plastic Dog Training Whistle, Orange, 210.5 Q&A

What makes the Acme 210.5 whistle effective for gun dog training?
Its high pitch and pealess design make it perfect for capturing the attention of close-working gun dogs.
Is the Acme 210.5 whistle weather resistant?
Yes, its plastic construction ensures it can withstand extreme weather conditions.
What type of sound does the pealess design produce?
The pealess design creates a pure whistle sound without any trilling.
What material is the Acme 210.5 whistle made from?
It is made from durable and comfortable orange plastic.
Can the Acme 210.5 whistle be used for other dog breeds besides spaniels?
Yes, the whistle is suitable for training various dog breeds involved in close-working tasks.
Is the Acme 210.5 whistle suitable for both hunting and field trialing?
Yes, it is perfect for use during training, hunting, or field trialing.
Why choose the Acme 210.5 over other whistles?
Its high-pitch, pealess design, and weather-resistant construction make it ideal for gun dog trainers and trialers.
What is the length of the Acme 210.5 whistle?
The whistle is 3 1/2 inches long.
Does the Acme 210.5 whistle come in other colors?
The whistle is available in orange plastic construction.
Where can I purchase the Acme 210.5 whistle?
The Acme 210.5 whistle can be found for sale online and in select stores.

Item Specifications

Length3 1/2"
TypeDog Training Whistle
Suitable forClose working gun dog, spaniels, trainers, trialers
UsabilityComfortable to use in extreme weather conditions
SoundHigh pitch, pure whistle without trilling

Acme 210.5 Dog Training Whistle: The Ultimate Tool for Gun Dog Trainers

Introducing the Acme 210.5 Dog Training Whistle, an essential tool designed to assist in training your canine companion for hunting or field trialing. Its high-pitch, pealess design makes it the perfect choice for close-working gun dog trainers and trialers, ensuring effective communication during training sessions.

The orange plastic construction of the Acme 210.5 whistle not only adds a touch of color, but it also guarantees durability and comfort during use, regardless of the extreme weather conditions faced while training, hunting, or field trialing.

This pealess dog whistle offers a pure sound without any trilling, making it more effective in capturing your dog's attention. Whether you're working with spaniels or planning to train your beloved hunting companion, the Acme 210.5 whistle will help you achieve outstanding results.

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