• DVD, The Silent Command System of Dog Training

DVD, The Silent Command System of Dog Training

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The Silent Command System -

This video will give you an overview and outline of the training system developed by the Smiths and used in their training programs and seminars. It's called the Silent Command System because it is based on using the language your dog already knows, and verbal commands are not added until the correct behavior is being performed. Using this system, your dog will learn more easily because it doesn't have to learn our language, and we will be eliminating the frustration that can result when dogs are pushed too fast and too hard.

Rick Smith and Ron Smith are the products of bird dog training knowledge. Bird dogs have been a Smith family tradition for almost a century. Rick and Ron bring to you a lifetime of experience, including everything from operating their own public training kennels to guiding quail hunts in South Texas; training numerous National and International Champion Field trial winners, and helping thousands of people all over the world train their gun dogs via their highly popular seminars.

The steps that will be outlined here include:

1. Stake Out Chain
2. Command Lead
3. Check Cord
4. Whoa Post
5. Reading Scent
6. Working Birds

The material contained here is the hub of our video support system, and it is the basis for additional videos on individual parts of the system. It will give you the highlights of how the Silent Command System works.

We hope you enjoy this training video, and look forward to seeing you at a seminar!

The running time is approximately 55 minutes.

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