• DVD, Puppy Development 2, Introduction to the Field

DVD, Puppy Development 2, Introduction to the Field

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Learn to Encourage Your Puppy's Hunting Instincts
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Puppy Development II

A puppy development program will prepare your dog for formal training. This is the second video in the series to teach you how to encourage your puppy's inherent hunting instincts. Working through the steps in this video will teach you to develop your dog's senses of sight, smell, and touch as well as encourage his desire to retrieve.

Puppy Development II continues the focus on conquering behavioral patterns in your puppy. It reviews four opportunities to build your dog's enthusiasm for training. Before you can teach formal training, your dog must be successfully introduced to

* The Field
* Birds
* The Retrieve
* The Gun

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DVD, Puppy Development 2, Introduction to the Field Q&A

What senses does Puppy Development II help enhance?
sight, smell, and touch
What is the focus of the puppy development program?
Developing hunting instincts and introducing field training
What are the four aspects the program introduces the dog to?
The Field, Birds, The Retrieve, The Gun
What kind of dogs can benefit from Puppy Development II?
Bird dogs, gundogs, and hunting dogs
What type of learning resources does the video offer?
DVDs and electronic media
How does Puppy Development II help with behavioral patterns?
It provides step-by-step guidance for conquering them
What is the goal of introducing your dog to field training?
To prepare them for formal training
What is the main purpose of Puppy Development II?
To develop your dog's senses and encourage their desire to retrieve
What should a dog have been successfully introduced to before formal training?
The Field, Birds, The Retrieve, The Gun
What is the ideal final outcome for your dog after completing Puppy Development II?
To reach their full potential as a bird dog, gundog, or hunting dog

Item Specifications

TitlePuppy Development II Introduction to the Field
FocusEncouraging puppy's inherent hunting instincts, developing senses of sight, smell, touch, and desire to retrieve
ContentPreparation for formal training, conquering behavioral patterns, building enthusiasm for training
Key elementsIntroduction to the Field, Birds, The Retrieve, The Gun
CategoriesBird dog puppy development, gundog puppy development, hunting dog puppy development, starting bird dog puppies, starting gundog puppies, starting hunting dog puppies, starting young bird dogs, starting young gundogs, starting young hunting dogs
FormatDVD, Electronic media
Target audiencePuppy owners, trainers, and enthusiasts

Puppy Development II: Develop Your Dog's Hunting Instincts and Field Skills

Introducing 'Puppy Development II: Introduction to the Field,' the second video in our informative series to develop your dog's innate hunting instincts. This program will help you successfully introduce your dog to field training, birds, retrieving, and more.

Our puppy development program focuses on enhancing your dog's senses of sight, smell, and touch, while encouraging their desire to retrieve. Teach your dog to conquer behavioral patterns and build their enthusiasm for training with step-by-step guidance.

Puppy Development II is perfect for bird dog, gundog, and hunting dog owners. It offers valuable insights into starting young bird dogs, gundogs, and hunting dogs on the right track. Learn from dvds and electronic media to ensure your dog reaches their full potential.