• DVD, Puppy Development I Setting Your Pup Up for Success

DVD, Puppy Development I Setting Your Pup Up for Success

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Puppy Development -

This is not a puppy training video but rather a video to teach you how to develop your puppy's behavioral patterns. Conquering behavior at a young age means a better-behaved dog later. Working through the steps in this video will prepare your dog to listen to orders so that you can train him successfully.

About HuntSmith - The Smith Family has provided bird dog training for almost a century and training seminars since 1968. Rick and Ron Smith are products of this training tradition and bring to you a lifetime of knowledge and experience. Rick and Ron operate training kennels, guide quail hunts, train numerous National and International Champion Field Trial winners, produce training videos and teach seminars all over the world.

Puppy Development reviews six opportunities to gain your dog's willing acceptance of restrictions, which is necessary for training. This willing acceptance behavior will be demonstrated in

1. Crate Conditioning
2. Care & Maintenance
3. Table Work
4. Puppy Drag Line
5. Stake-Out Chain
6. Short Lead

This video is the first step to developing a dog that is a pleasure to be around. If you enjoy Puppy Development, be sure to add The Silent Command System to your dog training video collection.

The running time is approximately 55 minutes.

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