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  • Dokken, Supervest X-Treme, Max-5

Dokken, Supervest X-Treme, Max-5

by Dokken Dog Supply, Inc. Item #: 1251036-M
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Keep Your Dog Warm and Protected in Harsh Conditions
Introducing Dokken's SuperVest X-Treme, Max-5—the ultimate protective gear for your dog in harsh and cold environments. This exceptional product is crafted by the renowned Dokken Dog Supply, Inc., known for its high-quality and durable pet products.

The SuperVest X-Treme stands out as the best neoprene dog vest in the market, designed with a superstretch 3mm neoprene material. This gives it an incredible ability to retain heat, keeping your adventurous dog warm even under the most extreme winter/cold conditions.

One of the features points of this vest is the heavy-duty zipper that ensures a secure fit for your dog. It is thoughtfully covered by a wide Velcro flange that shields the zipper from ice, mud, and other debris that could hinder its functionality. This feature makes it an excellent waterfowl dog vest, keeping your dog safe while hunting or training near or in bodies of water.

The Dokken SuperVest X-Treme, Max-5 doesn't compromise on style. It boasts a Realtree Max-5 camo pattern, a high-definition camouflage design that breaks up your dog's pattern. This helps your dog blend in with their natural surroundings, making it an essential piece of dog protective gear during waterfowl hunting expeditions.

This camo dog vest is not only functional but also versatile. It comes in various sizes from small to XXX large, ensuring a perfect fit for any breed or size of dog.

Choose Dokken's SuperVest X-Treme, Max-5 for a dog vest that offers unparalleled protection, warmth, and style. Your dog deserves the best.
  • SuperStretch 3mm neoprene
  • Zippered closure with extra wide Velcro flange
  • RealTree Max-5 camo pattern

Size Chart

SmallUnder 17
27 and Under
24 and Under
MediumUnder 19
27 and Under
24 and Under
LargeUnder 21
30 and Under
27 and Under
X-LargeUnder 22
32 and Under
28 and Under
Under 25
34 and Under
30 and Under

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Dokken, Supervest X-Treme, Max-5 Q&A

What type of material is the vest made of?
Superstretch 3mm neoprene.
What is the purpose of the wide Velcro flange?
It protects the zipper from ice, mud, and debris.
Which camo pattern is used on the SuperVest Xtreme?
Realtree Max-5 camo pattern.
Is this vest suitable for water dogs?
Yes, it is ideal for water dogs and hunting dogs.
What kind of conditions is this vest best suited for?
Harsh winter and cold conditions.
Can the SuperVest Xtreme fit all breeds of dogs?
Yes, its versatile design is suitable for all breeds.
Does the vest provide insulation against cold?
Yes, thanks to the 3mm Superstretch neoprene material.
How do I close the vest securely?
It has a heavy-duty zippered closure.
Does the Realtree Max-5 camo pattern provide any benefits?
Yes, it helps your dog blend in with their surroundings and provides additional stealth.
Why should I invest in Dokken's SuperVest Xtreme Max-5?
It ensures your dog's comfort, protection, and success in the field.

Item Specifications

ModelSupervest X-Treme, Max-5
MaterialSuperStretch 3mm neoprene
Suitable ForWater dog, hunting or training in harsh winter/cold conditions
ClosureHeavy-duty zipper with extra wide Velcro flange
Camouflage PatternRealtree Max-5 camo pattern

Dokken SuperVest X-Treme Max-5: Protection & Warmth for Your Hunting Dog

Dokken's SuperVest Xtreme is the ultimate protection and warmth solution for your dog in harsh winter or cold conditions. This vest is specifically designed for dogs that love to hunt or train in extreme weather, ensuring their comfort and safety.

Made with 3mm Superstretch neoprene, Dokken's SuperVest Xtreme provides exceptional insulation against the cold. Its heavy-duty zipper is protected by a wide Velcro flange, preventing ice, mud, and debris from damaging the zipper.

The Realtree Max-5 camo pattern on the SuperVest Xtreme is designed to help your dog blend in with their surroundings, providing additional stealth and concealment while hunting.

This versatile vest is perfect for all breeds who love to hunt, especially water dogs who frequently encounter cold and wet environments. Invest in Dokken's SuperVest Xtreme Max-5 to ensure your dog's comfort, protection, and success in the field.

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