• Avery, HexaBumper, Standard, 2" Wide, 6 Pack, Flasher

Avery, HexaBumper, Standard, 2" Wide, 6 Pack, Flasher

by Avery Item #: 903027-02716
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Upgrade Your Retriever's Training with Avery HexaBumper Dummies
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This Avery Flasher Black and White HexaBumper hunting dog training dummy produce a strobe effect when thrown getting the dog's attention and building excitement for the retrieve.

At 2" wide and 10" long this HexaBumper is the best size for training most breeds of retrieving dogs to retrieve. And the VGrip design will help your dog get a better grip on the bumper promoting a proper retrieve.

FREE throw rope included.
  • Flasher produces hi-viz strobe effect
  • Six flat sides for easier hold
  • Raised VGrips promote superior hold
  • Valve-less design will never take on water
  • Firm bumper reduces chomping tendency
  • Throw rope included

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Avery, HexaBumper, Standard, 2" Wide, 6 Pack, Flasher Q&A

How can the Avery HexaBumper improve my dog's retrieval skills?
With its strobe effect and VGrip design, the HexaBumper can boost your dog's focus and grip.
What is included in this 6-pack offer?
The pack includes six Avery HexaBumper dummies and a FREE throw rope.
Does this bumper take on water during training?
No, its valve-less design ensures no water absorption.
What is the size of the Avery HexaBumper?
The HexaBumper measures 2 inches wide and 10 inches long, perfect for most breeds.
How can the HexaBumper reduce my dog's chomping tendency?
The firm bumper encourages controlled and proper retrieval techniques, minimizing chomping.
Is the throw rope included?
Yes, the HexaBumper comes with a FREE throw rope.
What color is the Avery HexaBumper?
The HexaBumper features a black and white design for high visibility during training.
Can the HexaBumper be used for hunting dog training?
Absolutely, it's an effective training tool for hunting dogs.
Does the HexaBumper have a strobe effect?
Yes, the HexaBumper creates a hi-viz strobe effect when thrown to capture your dog's attention.
Is the HexaBumper durable?
Yes, it's made with high-quality materials for long-lasting use.

Item Specifications

ProductHexaBumper, Standard
Size2" Wide, 10" Long
ColorsFlasher - Black & White
Special FeatureFlasher produces hi-viz strobe effect
DesignSix flat sides for easier hold, Raised VGrips
Additional FeatureValve-less design, Firm bumper reduces chomping tendency
ExtrasFREE throw rope included

Avery HexaBumper Standard 2'' Wide Flasher - Black & White - Retriever Training Upgrade

Introducing the Avery HexaBumper, the ultimate retriever training dummy. With its black and white design and strobe effect, it's perfect for grabbing your retriever's attention while developing their skills. Not only is it a great size for training most breeds, but its VGrip design allows your dog to get a better grip on the bumper, promoting proper retrieval techniques.

The HexaBumper offers several benefits for you and your retrieving dog. Its valve-less design ensures it will never take on water, while the firm bumper helps reduce chomping tendencies. Plus, it includes a free throw rope to enhance your training experience.

Designed with efficiency and durability in mind, the Avery HexaBumper features six flat sides for easier holding and is built with high-quality materials for long-lasting use. It's an essential addition to your retriever training supplies.