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  • Avery, HexaBumper, Standard, 2" Wide, 6 Pack, White

Avery, HexaBumper, Standard, 2" Wide, 6 Pack, White

by Avery Item #: 903027-02711
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Train Your Dog with the Innovative Avery HexaBumper
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HexaBumper is a standard 2" wide training bumper specifically designed to enhance your dog's retrieving skills. This unique 6-pack of white HexaBumpers is a product of Avery Sporting Dog, a renowned brand trusted by professionals for its high-quality sporting dog training equipment.

Each HexaBumper in the pack features six flat sides and innovative VGrip technology, ensuring your dog can easily get a firm grip on the bumper – an essential aspect in teaching proper retrieving technique. This unique design sets it apart from traditional round bumpers, offering a more practical and efficient training tool.

Another standout feature of the Avery HexaBumper is its valve-less design. This means you won't have to worry about the bumper getting waterlogged during water retrieving training sessions, a common issue with other training bumpers on the market. With a diameter of 2" and a length of 10", these HexaBumpers are the perfect size for training all breeds of sporting dogs to retrieve.

Additionally, each HexaBumper comes with a FREE throw rope, adding another layer of convenience to your training routines. Whether you're training your dog for hunting, competitions, or simply for fun, the Avery HexaBumper is an excellent investment for your canine's skill development.

In conclusion, the Avery HexaBumper Standard 2" Wide 6-pack is more than just a training dummy for your dog. It's a robust, innovative, and efficient tool designed to improve your sporting dog's retrieving skills. Don't settle for less; choose Avery HexaBumper for a more effective and enjoyable training experience.
  • Six flat sides for easier hold
  • Raised VGrips promote superior hold
  • Valve-less design will never take on water
  • Firm bumper reduces chomping tendency
  • Throw rope included

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Avery, HexaBumper, Standard, 2" Wide, 6 Pack, White Q&A

What is the size of each Avery HexaBumper?
Each bumper is 2 inches in diameter and 10 inches in length.
How does the VGrip technology help?
VGrip technology offers a firmer grip for dogs, improving their retrieving technique.
Is the Avery HexaBumper designed for water retrieving?
Yes, the valve-less design ensures that the bumper doesn't get waterlogged during water retrieving practice.
What is the purpose of the throw rope?
The throw rope makes it easy for you to toss the bumper during training sessions.
Can Avery HexaBumper be used with all sporting dogs?
Yes, the size and design of the Avery HexaBumper make it suitable for training all sporting dogs.
How many HexaBumpers are included in the pack?
The pack includes six HexaBumpers.
What color are the Avery HexaBumpers?
The bumpers are white, providing high visibility during training.
Does the firm texture of the bumper have any benefits?
The firm texture of the bumper helps in reducing chomping tendencies, helping dogs develop appropriate retrieving practices.
What makes the HexaBumper different from traditional bumpers?
The HexaBumper features 6 flat sides with VGrip technology and valve-less design - these features improve grip and water retrieving capabilities.
Is the throw rope provided with the Avery HexaBumper?
Yes, each bumper includes a FREE throw rope to assist in training.

Item Specifications

ProductHexaBumper, Standard
Size2" Wide
Shape6 flat sides
VGripRevolutionary grip for firm hold
FunctionTeach proper retrieving technique
DesignValveless for no waterlogging
Dimensions2" diameter and 10" long
Suitable forTraining all sporting dogs to retrieve
Throw RopeIncluded for Free
Chomping TendencyReduced with firm bumper

Train your Sporting Dog with Avery HexaBumper: The Ultimate Training Bumper

Introducing the Avery HexaBumper - designed to take your dog's retrieving skills to new heights, built with 6 flat sides and revolutionary VGrip technology for a firm grip.

Ensure your dog's training never suffers from waterlogged bumpers with the Valve-less design, perfect for water retrieving practice.

These 2-inch diameter, 10-inch long bumpers are ideal for training all sporting dogs, with a firm texture that reduces chomping tendencies, enhancing performance in the field.

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