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  • Avery, EZ Bird Green-Winged Teal

Avery, EZ Bird Green-Winged Teal

by Avery Item #: 903422-02010
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Elevate Your Dog's Training Skills with the Lifelike Avery EZ Bird Green-Winged Teal!
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EZ Bird Green-Winged Teal is a top-tier training tool designed to elevate your dog’s retrieving skills. This dog training dummy is crafted from robust PVC, ensuring its longevity and resistance to taking on water. The realism of the green-winged teal design provides an authentic experience for your dog, making training more effective.

A standout feature of the Avery EZ Bird Green-Winged Teal is the raised VGrip tooth lock design. This unique feature ensures secure gripping, enabling successful retrieves time and time again. Coupled with a long throw knob included in the package, you can make easy and accurate marks to guide your dog suitably during training.

Even more, the Avery EZ Bird Green-Winged Teal can easily take on scents. This feature allows you to create a myriad of intriguing and challenging marks and retrieves, keeping your dog engaged and interested throughout the training.

As a product by Avery Sporting Dog, this retriever training dummy’s quality is guaranteed, providing a long-lasting solution for your dog’s training needs. Upgrade your dog training today with Avery EZ Bird Green-Winged Teal - your retriever's training dummy of choice!
  • Soft floating head
  • Design encourages proper pick-up/hold
  • Will not damage teeth or eye sockets
  • Durable PVC outer body
  • Scent can be added easily
  • Foam filling yields lifelike "ducky" feel
  • Will not absorb water or emit foul odors
  • Long Throw Knob included
  • Teal feature accurate paint schemes
  • Raised VGrip tooth locks for superior hold

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Avery, EZ Bird Green-Winged Teal Q&A

What is the outer body of the training dummy made of?
The outer body is made from durable PVC.
How is the floating head design beneficial for my dog?
The soft floating head design encourages proper pick-up and hold.
What unique feature does the Avery EZ Bird Green-Winged Teal have for holding?
It has the raised VGrip tooth lock design for superior hold.
Is there any additional feature for easy marking?
Yes, a long throw knob is included for easy and accurate marking.
Can I add scent to the training dummy?
Yes, scent can be easily added to enhance the training sessions.
How does the foam filling enhance the training dummy?
The foam filling gives it a lifelike, duck-like feel.
Does the training dummy absorb water?
No, it is designed to be water-resistant and won't absorb water.
Will this training dummy emit foul odors?
No, it does not emit foul odors.
Does the dummy feature any realistic design elements?
Yes, it has accurate paint schemes for added realism.
Is this training dummy safe for my dog's teeth and eyes?
Yes, it is designed to not cause damage to teeth or eye sockets.

Item Specifications

NameAvery, EZ Bird Green-Winged Teal
PurposeDog training equipment for retriever training
Outer Shell MaterialDurable PVC
Water-ResistanceWill not take on water
Raised VGrip Tooth Lock DesignHelps make every retrieve successful
Long Throw Knob IncludedFor easy and accurate marks
Scent AddableFor interesting and challenging marks and retrieves
Soft Floating Head DesignEncourages proper pick-up and hold
Safe for Teeth and Eye SocketsWill not cause any damage
Foam FillingProvides lifelike "ducky" feel
Odor PropertiesWill not emit foul odors
Accurate Paint SchemesFor realistic appearance
Ideal forHunting dog training, retriever training dummies

Avery EZ Bird Green-Winged Teal - Ideal Dog Training Tool for Easy & Successful Retrieves

Introducing the Avery EZ Bird Green-Winged Teal, the perfect training tool to enhance your retriever's training experience. This lifelike design, made from durable PVC, ensures a long-lasting and effective training process. Your dog will love the soft floating head design and VGrip tooth lock, making every retrieve a successful one.

Get ready to revolutionize your hunting dog's training process with the Avery EZ Bird Green-Winged Teal training dummy. The long throw knob included allows for easy and accurate marking, while the ability to add scent transforms any training session into an exciting and challenging adventure.

With this state-of-the-art teal dummy, your dog will always look forward to training sessions. Its foam filling makes it feel like a real duck, and the water-resistant design ensures it will never absorb water or emit foul odors. Treat your hunting companion to the best in retriever training with the Avery EZ Bird Green-Winged Teal.

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