• Avery, HexaBumper, Pro Pack, 2" Wide

Avery, HexaBumper, Pro Pack, 2" Wide

by Avery Item #: 903024-02720
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Elevate Your Hunting Dog's Retrieving Skills With Avery HexaBumper Pro Pack
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Now you can get all the Avery HexaBumper colors you need in a single pack, yes the Pro Pack.

Get your hunting dog retrieving right with these rugged 2" HexaBumpers. These bumpers will stand up to many seasons of retriever training. The six sides and the raised V on the bumper make these bumpers the best you can buy for teaching your retriever to retrieve correctly. Each of the six HexaBumpers in this Pro Pack has a throw rope attached and comes in the following colors -

3 White
2 Orange
1 Flasher (Black and White)

This great assortment of colors will allow you to make each retrieve progressively more difficult yet reward your dog for a retriever well done.
  • Six flat sides for easier hold
  • Raised VGrips promote superior hold
  • Valveless design will never take on water
  • Firm bumper reduces chomping tendency
  • Flasher produces hi-vis strobe effect
  • Throw rope included

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Avery, HexaBumper, Pro Pack, 2" Wide Q&A

What types of bumpers does the Avery HexaBumper Pro Pack include?
The Pro Pack includes 3 White, 2 Orange, and 1 Black/White (Flasher) bumpers.
How does the flat-sided design benefit retriever training?
The six flat sides of the HexaBumpers make it easier for the dog to hold, promoting the correct retrieval technique.
What is the purpose of the raised V design on the HexaBumpers?
The raised V design promotes superior holding and gripping for the hunting dog during retrieval.
Can these bumpers be used for water retrieving training?
Yes, the Avery HexaBumper Pro Pack is excellent for water retrieving training, thanks to its valveless design that prevents water intake.
What is the purpose of the Flasher (black and white) bumper?
The Flasher bumper produces a high-visibility strobe effect, making it easier to spot during retrieval training.
Do these bumpers come with a throw rope?
Yes, each of the bumpers in the Avery HexaBumper Pro Pack come with a throw rope attached.
How durable is the Avery HexaBumper Pro Pack?
The HexaBumpers are made to be rugged and withstand many seasons of retriever training.
What is the size of the bumpers in the Avery HexaBumper Pro Pack?
Each bumper in the Pro Pack is 2 inches wide.
Can I use the Avery HexaBumper Pro Pack for training other types of dogs?
Although specifically designed for hunting dog training, the Pro Pack can be used for general retrieval training with other breeds as well.
How can I use the different colors in the Avery HexaBumper Pro Pack for training?
The varying colors allow you to make each retrieve progressively more difficult, challenging your dog and rewarding them for successful retrievals.

Item Specifications

Product NameAvery HexaBumper Pro Pack
Number of Pack Items6
Colors in Pack3 White, 2 Orange, 1 Black/White (Flasher)
Shape & DesignSix-sided with raised V for grip
DurabilityRugged, long-lasting for many seasons of training
FeaturesValveless design, firm bumper, throw rope included
Additional EffectsFlasher produces hi-vis strobe effect
UseRetriever training, water retrieving, versatile training

Avery HexaBumper Pro Pack: The Ultimate Training Tool for Your Hunting Dog

Elevate your hunting dog's retrieving skills with the Avery HexaBumper Pro Pack, a unique set of training bumpers specifically designed to improve your dog's performance. These rugged 2" HexaBumpers will withstand seasons of intensive retriever training while promoting correct retrieving techniques.

The Avery HexaBumper Pro Pack features six flat sides for an easier hold, and the raised V design ensures superior grip. The valveless construction prevents water intake, while the firm bumper texture reduces chomping tendency. Experience exceptional visibility with the Flasher (black and white) bumper's strobe effect.

Achieve progressively challenging training sessions with the versatile assortment of colors in the Avery HexaBumper Pro Pack. Make each retrieve more difficult and reward your hunting dog for a job well done. Get ready for a high-performing retriever with this ultimate training tool!