• Acme, Pro Trialer Whistle, 212, Black

Acme, Pro Trialer Whistle, 212, Black

by Acme Whistles Item #: 1021000-00212
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Train Your Canines with Acme Pro Trialer Whistle
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This Acme Dog Whistle, known as the Pro Trialer Whistle, is pealess and holds a constant frequency. It's preferred by spaniel trainers and other gun dog trainers all across the United States because of its clarity and reach.

The Pro Trialer Whistle maintains a constant frequency regardless of how hard it's blown and ensures dogs will recognize "their" whistle.
  • Black plastic construction
  • No cork ball
  • Lower pitch

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Acme, Pro Trialer Whistle, 212, Black Q&A

What makes the Acme Pro Trialer Whistle special?
The whistle is pealess and generates a constant frequency, making it effective for dog training.
Which type of trainers prefer the Acme 212 whistle?
It is preferred by spaniel trainers and gun dog trainers across the United States.
What is the benefit of a constant frequency whistle?
A constant frequency ensures the dog recognizes the whistle regardless of how hard it's blown.
What is the construction material of the Pro Trialer Whistle?
The whistle is made of black plastic material for durability and reliability.
Does the Acme 212 whistle have a cork ball?
No, the Acme Pro Trialer Whistle does not have a cork ball in its construction.
Is the Acme 212 suitable for hunting dog training?
Yes, it is perfect for hunting dog training due to its high pitch signal.
What type of dog trainers can benefit from the Acme 212 whistle?
Bird dog trainers, flushers, and upland dog trainers can benefit from this whistle.
How does the high pitch signal help in training?
The high pitch signal is easy for dogs to recognize and stands out from natural environmental sounds.
What are the key features of the Acme Pro Trialer Whistle?
The key features include pealess design, constant frequency, black plastic construction, and high pitch signal.
Can the Acme 212 whistle help achieve desired training results?
Yes, the Acme 212 whistle is designed to help trainers achieve desired results by ensuring clear and consistent communication with the dog.

Item Specifications

ModelPro Trialer Whistle
Product Number212
Construction MaterialPlastic
Additional FeaturesNo cork ball, Lower pitch
Popular WithSpaniel trainers, Gun dog trainers
Preferred UseDog training, Hunting, Upland
Known AsAcme 212 Dog Whistle, Acme 212 Whistle
PurposeTraining, Recognition
Applicable Dog Type(s)Bird dog, Gun dog, Hunting dog, Upland dog
Other NamesFlusher whistle, Gun dog training whistle, Gundog training whistles, Hunting dog training whistle, Pea less whistle, Upland dog trainers whistle

Get Professional Training Results with Acme Pro Trialer Whistle

The Acme Pro Trialer Whistle 212 is the best dog whistle for professional gun dog trainers, specially crafted to produce a constant frequency for effective communication with dogs. This pealess whistle offers clarity for spaniel trainers and allows easy recognition by dogs notwithstanding how hard it's blown.

This top-notch gun dog training whistle is perfect for hunting dog training as its clear high pitch signal stands out from the natural sounds of the environment. The Pro Trialer Whistle boasts of a sturdy black plastic construction, ensuring that it remains functional and reliable throughout the training sessions.

The Acme 212 whistle is trusted by professional bird dog trainers and upland dog trainers alike for its dependability and effectiveness. The high-quality whistle is a great investment to enhance your dog training experience and achieve desired results.