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  • Zinger, Storage Bag

Zinger, Storage Bag

by Zinger Item #: 1139425-M
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Preserve Your Winger's Lifespan with Zinger's UV-Protective, Durable Storage Bag!
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The Zinger Storage Bag, is a robust and resilient solution to extend the life of your winger's tubing. Expertly crafted by Zinger Winger Company, this storage bag is your ultimate safeguard against damaging UV rays, dirt, and moisture.

Designed with high-quality nylon, the Zinger Storage Bag effectively protects your winger's rubber tubing and pouch, ensuring an extended lifespan and maximum durability. The bag's unique design blocks harmful UV rays, preventing the degradation of the rubber material, hence enhancing the performance and sustainability of your winger.

But that's not all! The Zinger Storage Bag also shields the sensitive electrical components of your winger. It keeps them free from moisture, dirt, and dust, as well as exposure to the elements. This means your winger is not just protected, but also remains clean and efficient, ensuring consistent high performance.

The Zinger Storage Bag comes complete with shoulder straps for easy portability. These straps enable you to comfortably carry your winger into the field along with your electronics and other gear. This makes the Zinger Storage Bag an incredibly practical and convenient solution for all your winger needs.

The Zinger Storage Bag is available in various models including Field Trialer G4, Zinger Winger II G4, Mini Zinger G4, and Hunt Tester G5. Please specify your model when ordering.

With the Zinger Storage Bag, you're not just purchasing a product, you're investing in the longevity and optimum performance of your winger.

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Zinger, Storage Bag Q&A

What is the purpose of the Zinger Storage Bag?
The Zinger Storage Bag is designed to protect wingers' rubber tubing and electrical components from harmful UV rays, moisture, dirt, dust, and other outdoor elements.
What material is the storage bag made of?
The Zinger Storage Bag is made of durable nylon.
How does the storage bag protect rubber tubing?
The storage bag protects rubber tubing by blocking harmful UV rays that can cause wear and tear.
Can the storage bag accommodate electronics and other accessories?
Yes, the Zinger Storage Bag can carry electronics, bird launchers, and other accessories.
What makes the storage bag easy to carry in the field?
The Zinger Storage Bag comes with convenient shoulder straps for easy carrying.
Does the storage bag prevent moisture damage?
Yes, the Zinger Storage Bag is designed to keep moisture away from sensitive electrical components.
Is the storage bag compatible with different wingers models?
Yes, the storage bag is compatible with various wingers models. Specify the model when ordering.
What is the role of the Zinger Storage Bag in prolonging equipment lifespan?
The storage bag shields your equipment from damaging outdoor elements, thus prolonging its lifespan.
Can I store bird launcher accessories in the storage bag?
Yes, the Zinger Storage Bag can accommodate bird launcher accessories.
How does the storage bag prevent dust and dirt?
The storage bag's nylon material prevents dust and dirt from reaching your equipment.

Item Specifications

1. ZingerA device for bird launching
2. Storage BagA bag to store and protect Zinger and other gear
3. Nylon materialThe storage bags are made of nylon
4. UV raysThe nylon storage bags block damaging UV rays
5. Electrical componentsThe storage bags keep sensitive components free from moisture, dirt, dust, and exposure to elements
6. Shoulder strapsShoulder straps allow easy carrying of the bag and gear
7. Model specificationCustomers need to specify the model when ordering
8. Bird launcher accessoriesCategory under which Zinger and storage bag falls
9. Wingers' tubingThe storage bags extend the life of the winger's rubber tubing
10. UV ProtectionThe storage bags provide UV protection for the winger's tubing
11. WingersAnother term for Zingers
12. Bird LaunchersDevices that launch birds
13. AccessoriesAdditional items to support the main product

Zinger Storage Bag: Ultimate Protection for Your Wingers

Protect and extend the lifespan of your wingers' rubber tubing and electrical components with the top-quality Zinger Storage Bags. Made from durable nylon, these storage bags offer excellent protection against harmful UV rays, moisture, dirt, dust, and other outdoor elements.

Carrying your wingers and associated gear into the field has never been easier, thanks to the convenient shoulder straps on the Zinger Storage Bags. The bags are designed to accommodate your electronics, bird launchers, and other accessories, ensuring everything stays safe and secure during transport.

Ensure your wingers' tubing and pouch remain in excellent condition by shielding them from detrimental UV rays that can cause wear and tear. The Zinger Storage Bag is the ultimate solution to keep your valuable equipment in perfect working order for a longer period of time.

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