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  • Acme, Plastic Dog Training Whistle, Black, 210.5

Acme, Plastic Dog Training Whistle, Black, 210.5

by Acme Whistles Item #: 1021001-00001
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Master Gun Dog Training with Acme's High-Pitched, Durable 210.5 Plastic Whistle!
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Introducing the Acme 210.5 Plastic Dog Training Whistle, a standout product in our range of dog training whistles for sale that works exceptionally well in training spaniels and close-working gun dogs. This sleek, black, 3 1/2" long whistle is crafted from durable plastic, making it resilient against extreme weather conditions you may encounter while training, hunting, or field trialing.

The Acme 210.5 Whistle emits a single, high-pitched frequency of 5900Hz, providing a clear, effective sound ideal for training. Its pealess design ensures a pure, undiluted sound with no trilling, earning it the title of one of the best dog whistles on the market.

This gun dog whistle's unique features, such as its ease of use and effectiveness in training, make it a top choice among gun dog training whistles. If you're in search of dog whistles for sale that truly work, the Acme 210.5 Plastic Dog Training Whistle is a highly recommended addition to your training kit.

Acme Whistles, renowned for its quality and reliability, brings you this exceptional tool to make your gun dog training more efficient than ever. Choose the Acme 210.5 for a whistle that stands out among gundog training whistles for its durability, effectiveness, and design.
  • Black plastic construction
  • Pealess design

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Acme, Plastic Dog Training Whistle, Black, 210.5 Q&A

What type of dogs does the Acme 210.5 Dog Whistle work best with?
Spaniels and close-working gun dogs.
What is the main feature of the Acme 210.5 Dog Whistle?
High pitch and pealess design.
What material is the Acme 210.5 Whistle made from?
Black plastic.
What type of sound does the Acme 210.5 Whistle produce?
A pure whistle sound without trilling.
Can the Acme 210.5 Dog Whistle be used in extreme weather?
Yes, it is comfortable to use in all weather conditions.
What is the length of the Acme 210.5 Dog Whistle?
3 1/2 inches long.
Is the Acme 210.5 Whistle suitable for field trials?
Yes, it is perfect for field trials.
What type of trainers and trialers use the Acme 210.5 Whistle?
Close-working gun dog trainers and trialers.
Are there any trills in the sound of the Acme 210.5 Whistle?
No, there are no trills in its sound.
What is the importance of a pealess design in a dog training whistle?
A pealess design provides a focused and consistent sound.

Item Specifications

Product NamePlastic Dog Training Whistle
Model Number210.5
Length3 1/2"
UseClose working gun dog training
Suitable forSpaniels, Close-working gun dog trainers, Trialers
Weather ResistanceComfortable to use in extreme weather conditions
SoundPure whistle, no trilling
Other NamesAcme 210 1/2, Acme 210.5, Acme 210.5 Dog Whistle, Acme Whistle
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Acme 210.5 Plastic Dog Training Whistle for Gun Dogs

The Acme 210.5 Dog Whistle is specially designed for the training of gun dogs and spaniels, offering a pealess design for a focused sound. This whistle is made of black plastic to ensure your comfort during extreme weather conditions, whether it's during a training session, hunting, or a field trial.

With the Acme 210.5 Dog Whistle, you'll experience a high pitch and pure whistle sound with no trilling. This easy-to-use whistle has become popular among close-working gun dog trainers and trialers due to its effective sound and reliability.

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