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  • National Scent Company, Breaking Scent

National Scent Company, Breaking Scent

Item #: 1070100-M
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Improve Gun Dog Training with National Scent Company's Breaking Scent: Target Right Game, Avoid Distractions
Introducing Breaking Scent by National Scent Company, a revolutionary dog training solution that curbs your gun dog's instinct to chase undesired game. This innovative product specializes in species-specific scents including deer-breaking, rabbit-breaking, fox-breaking, and skunk-breaking, offering a comprehensive approach in training your pup to target the right game.

Breaking Scent's unique formula is designed to be disagreeable to your dog's sense of smell, efficiently suppressing their urge to pursue the wrong game. Despite this, the distinctive formula ensures your canine companion can still discern and chase their appropriate target, allowing you to proceed with your hunting session devoid of any distractions.

For optimal effectiveness, we recommend using a scent pad for application. Breaking Scent is packaged in a handy 4 fluid oz size, making it a perfect, compact addition to your dog training toolkit.

Choose Breaking Scent by National Scent Company, and experience the unmatched benefits of a well-trained gun dog, one that is focused on the right game and primed to excel in the field. With options such as Rabbit, Deer, Fox, and Skunk, you can tailor your training to your hunting needs. Transform the way you train your gun dog with National Scent Company's Breaking Scent.

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National Scent Company, Breaking Scent Q&A

What animals does Breaking Scent target?
Breaking Scent targets rabbits, deer, fox, and skunks.
Can my dog still smell its proper game while using Breaking Scent?
Yes, your dog can continue smelling its proper game while using Breaking Scent.
What is the size of the Breaking Scent bottle?
Breaking Scent comes in a 4 fluid oz size.
What is the recommended application method for Breaking Scent?
The recommended application method is using a scent pad.
How does Breaking Scent help in gun dog training?
Breaking Scent discourages your dog from chasing unwanted game, improving its focus.
Is Breaking Scent suitable for beagles and bird dogs?
Yes, Breaking Scent is suitable for beagles, bird dogs, and more.
What makes Breaking Scent an effective tool in dog training?
Breaking Scent's natural yet unpleasant scent discourages dogs from chasing unwanted game.
Does Breaking Scent come with a scent pad?
A scent pad is desired for the application, but not included.
Can Breaking Scent work on hound dogs?
Yes, Breaking Scent works well on hound dogs.
Is it safe to hunt with my dog while using Breaking Scent?
Yes, your hunting experience will not be compromised while using Breaking Scent on your dog.

Item Specifications

CompanyNational Scent Company
ProductBreaking Scent
PurposeDiscourage a dog from chasing unwanted game
Animals to avoidRabbits, Deer, Fox, Skunks
ApplicationTrain dog hunting abilities, overload animal's scent
Dog's proper gameRemains recognizable for hunting
Scent pad recommendedFor effective application
Size4 fluid oz
Related products and accessoriesscent training supplies, dog training breaking scents
Target animals for breaking scentsBeagle, Bird Dog, Deer, Fox, Gun Dog, Hound Dog, Skunk

Breaking Scent by National Scent Company: Effective Gun Dog Training

National Scent Company's Breaking Scent controls your gun dog's urge to chase unwanted game, improving your dog's focus and behavior while hunting. With its natural yet unpleasant scent, it discourages your dog from following unproductive trails.

The Breaking Scent formula specifically targets unwanted animals like rabbits, deer, fox, and skunks. It allows your pup to continue smelling its proper game, ensuring your hunting experience is not compromised. By using a scent pad, the application process becomes efficient and effective.

Breaking Scent is available in a convenient 4 fluid oz size, perfect for all dog training needs. Its formula works well on beagles, bird dogs, hound dogs, and more. With National Scent Company's Breaking Scent, you can ensure a well-trained and focused hunting companion.

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