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Bag Balm

Item #: 1002001-M
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Experience Fast Skin Healing and Softening with Bag Balm
$6.59 - $10.99$6.59
Bag Balm has been trusted for over 100 years to help heal cuts, scratches, and other minor skin irritations. It also helps soften dry, cracked skin on feet, heels, hands, etc.

If you find yourself outdoors working dogs, horses, or just around the house keeping a tin of Bag Balm handy will help your chapped hands recover quickly. Loaded with lanolin, this medicated salve is colorless. Also, it's so safe dogs can lick at the Bag Balm and it only works further into the wound or skin irritation.

Try Bag Balm and see if it doesn't become a mainstay in your truck, barn, or house.

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Bag Balm Q&A

How long has Bag Balm been relied on?
Bag Balm has been trusted for over 100 years.
What skin problems can Bag Balm help with?
Bag Balm can treat cuts, scratches, dry, and cracked skin.
Is Bag Balm safe for use on animals?
Yes, Bag Balm is safe for use on animals such as horses and dogs.
What is the main ingredient in Bag Balm?
The main ingredient in Bag Balm is lanolin.
Is Bag Balm safe if dogs lick it?
Yes, Bag Balm is safe if dogs lick it as it only works further into the wound or skin irritation.
Can Bag Balm help with chapped hands?
Yes, Bag Balm can help chapped hands recover quickly.
Where can I store Bag Balm for easy access?
Store Bag Balm in your truck, barn, or house for quick access.
What is the color of the medicated salve?
Bag Balm is a colorless medicated salve.
Can I use Bag Balm on my feet and heels?
Yes, Bag Balm can be used to soften dry, cracked skin on feet and heels.
Is Bag Balm suitable for creating first aid kits?
Yes, Bag Balm is a perfect addition to first aid kits and products.

Item Specifications

Trusted for over 100 yearsEffective for healing cuts, scratches, and minor irritations
Softens dry and cracked skinHelps treat dry skin on feet, heels, hands, etc.
Loaded with lanolinMedicated salve, colorless
Safe for dogs and horsesAssists in recovering chapped hands, can be licked without harm
Versatile useCan be used at home or outdoors, for work, and around animals
Bag Balm 1 ozAvailable in 1 oz tin containers
Heals abrasionEffective for healing saddle sores
Skin moisturizerKeeps skin nourished and moisturized
Skin softenerImproves skin texture and softness
Skin treatmentOverall skin health improvement

Bag Balm - The Century-Old Trusted Healer and Moisturizer

For over a century, Bag Balm has been the go-to solution for individuals seeking quick relief from various skin irritations, from cuts and scratches to dry, cracked surfaces. This reliable healing treatment is enriched with the power of lanolin, providing intense care and rejuvenation for your hands, feet, and other body parts in need.

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, Bag Balm is a must-have addition to your first aid supplies or barn essentials. Keep it close to ensure rapid recovery and moisturizing care for chapped hands after spending a day outside tending to animals, working around the house or doing rugged activities.

Not only does Bag Balm provide deep healing and moisturizing effects for human skin, but it is also a safe option for your beloved animals, such as horses and dogs. Allow them to experience the soothing treatment and protection offered by this trusted salve.

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