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  • Traditions Performance Firearms, 209 Primer Pistol

Traditions Performance Firearms, 209 Primer Pistol

by Traditions Performance Firearms Item #: 1081200-06001
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Train Your Bird Dog with the Economical 209 Primer Pistol
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The Traditions Performance Firearms 209 Primer Pistol - the dog training pistol for bird dog enthusiasts who value quality and affordability. This blank pistol is designed with a 5-shot cylinder and a comfortable full-frame design, making it the perfect starter gun for your training sessions.

The Traditions 209 Primer Pistol is known throughout the bird dog community as a cost-effective and reliable training tool. Its moderate price and good-quality construction ensure that this starter pistol will meet your training needs for years to come. The 5-shot cylinder allows for quick and efficient firing, while the swing-out mechanism and shell ejector make reloading a breeze.

One of the standout features of this 209 blank pistol is its well-balanced, full-framed design. The pistol feels excellent in the hand, ensuring a comfortable grip and better control during training sessions. The 209 Primer Pistol is compatible with the Size 29 Snap-off Holster allowing for easy storage and transportation.

The Traditions 209 Primer Pistol comes complete with a cylinder cleaning rod and a foam-lined plastic carrying case, ensuring that your starter gun remains in top condition. The manufacturer also offers a one (1) year limited warranty, giving you added peace of mind.

Upgrade your bird dog training arsenal with the Traditions Performance Firearms 209 Primer Pistol - the ultimate combination of performance, durability, and affordability. Order yours today by calling Dogs Unlimited at 800-338-3647.
  • Plastic grips
  • 5 Shot swing-out cylinder with ejector rod

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Traditions Performance Firearms, 209 Primer Pistol Q&A

Can this pistol be used for hunting dog training?
Yes, the 209 Primer Pistol is suitable for hunting dog training.
What's the warranty on the 209 Primer Pistol?
Traditions offers a one-year limited warranty on the 209 Primer Pistol.
What kind of holster does this pistol fit in?
The 209 Primer Pistol fits nicely in the Size 29 Snap-off Holster and the Nylon Holster.
How many shots does the cylinder hold?
The 209 Primer Pistol features a 5-shot swing-out cylinder.
Does it come with a carrying case?
Yes, this pistol comes with a foam-lined plastic carrying case.
Is this pistol cost-effective for bird dog training?
Absolutely, the 209 Primer Pistol is a cost-effective choice for bird dog training.
What type of blank pistol is this?
This is a 209 primer blank pistol.
Is there a cleaning rod included?
Yes, a cylinder cleaning rod is included in the package.
How does the pistol feel during use?
The 209 Primer Pistol has a comfortable, full-framed design that feels excellent in the hand.
How reliable is the 209 Primer Pistol?
The Traditions 209 Primer Pistol is a reliable and good-quality pistol that will last for years to come.

Item Specifications

ManufacturerTraditions Performance Firearms
Model209 Primer Pistol
PurposeTraining bird dogs
PricingModerately priced
WeightNicely weighted
CylinderSwing-out, 5 shot
EjectorShell ejector
Cleaning rodCylinder cleaning rod
Carrying caseFoam-lined plastic
Holster compatibilitySize 29 Snap-off Holster and Nylon Holster
WarrantyManufacturer's one (1) year limited warranty
Included accessoriesCleaning rod and foam-lined plastic carrying case
Alternative names / related products209 blank pistol, 209 primer blank pistol, 209 starter gun, bird dog training pistol, blank pistol, gun dog training blank pistol, hunting dog training pistol, shotgun primer blank pistol, starter gun, starter pistol, starters gun, starters pistol, traditions 209 starter pistol, 209 primer pistol, bird dog training

Traditions 209 Primer Pistol - The Economical Choice for Bird Dog Training

The Traditions 209 Primer Pistol is the perfect choice for bird dog owners looking to train their canine companions in a cost-effective way. With its reliably good-quality build and moderately priced design, this pistol will serve your training needs for years to come.

Featuring a comfortable full-frame design and 5-shot swing-out cylinder with a shell ejector, the 209 Primer Pistol ensures you're always prepared to train your bird dog. Complete with a cylinder cleaning rod and foam-lined plastic carrying case, this starter gun is a fantastic investment in your dog's training journey.

For added convenience, the 209 Primer Pistol fits perfectly in size 29 snap-off holsters and nylon holsters. Plus, Traditions Performance Firearms backs their product with a one-year limited warranty, providing peace of mind for your purchase.

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