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Your dog covers some tough country in search of game birds and his feet are what take the most pounding. Use Tuf-Foot to toughen his feet before and after your adventures in the field.

"A Dog Is Only As Good As His Feet" - and Tuf-Foot is guaranteed to toughen your dog's soft, cracked, sore, and tender feet. Tuf-Foot aids in protecting a gun dog's feet against bruises, blisters, and foot soreness so it only makes sense to have your dog's feet tough and ready to go by the first day of the season. Tuf-Foot will also toughen the feet of sportsmen, hunters, and athletes, in other words - humans, dogs, and horses.

Size - 7 fluid oz
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Balsam Peru
  • Tincture of benzoin
  • Less than 5% acetone

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