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Tuf-Foot by The Bonaseptic Company is a revolutionary product that guarantees the health and strength of your dog's feet. Trusted by veterinarians and trainers for over 70 years, Tuf-Foot is a must-have for dog owners, horse owners, athletes, sportsmen, and hunters alike.

Tuf-Foot ensures your dog's feet are always adventure-ready. It toughens and protects soft, sore, and tender paws and pads, allowing your dog to comfortably assist in hunts, pull sleds, or simply enjoy their playtime in the yard. Recommended by both sporting and big game hunters, Tuf-Foot provides remarkable results in healing sore paws, cut pads, and bruises within just a few days. It also prevents cracking and bleeding of your dog's pads.

However, Tuf-Foot isn't just for dogs. It's also a highly effective hoof hardener for horses. Regular hoof care is essential for a horse's overall health, and Tuf-Foot aids in the swift healing of stone bruising, thrush, hoof disease, sensitive frogs, close trimming, cuts, and abrasions.

For humans, Tuf-Foot works as a powerful tough skin spray. It strengthens the feet of athletes, hunters, and sportsmen, ensuring they can withstand any terrain or condition.

Formulated with potent tough foot ingredients, Tuf-Foot is guaranteed to provide pad strength to your dogs, protecting them against bruises, blisters, and soreness. It aids in making their paw pads raw and resilient, effectively reducing the risk of foot injuries.

Tuf-Foot is a versatile, all-in-one product that promises to keep the feet of dogs, horses, and humans in top condition. So why wait? Give your pets, and yourself, the gift of strong, healthy feet with Tuf-Foot. Remember, "A Dog Is Only As Good As His Feet".
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Balsam Peru
  • Tincture of benzoin
  • Less than 5% acetone

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Tuf-Foot Q&A

What is the purpose of Tuf-Foot?
Tuf-Foot is designed to strengthen and protect your dog's feet, making them resistant to bruises, blisters, and soreness during adventures and sports activities.
Which types of dogs can benefit from Tuf-Foot?
Hunting, sports and field dogs can benefit from Tuf-Foot as they are more prone to foot injuries and soreness during their activities.
Can Tuf-Foot be used for horses and humans?
Yes, Tuf-Foot is also effective in toughening the feet of horses and humans, making it versatile for athletes, sportsmen, and hunters.
How does Tuf-Foot help prevent paw pad injuries?
Tuf-Foot toughens your dog's soft, cracked, sore, and tender feet, making them resilient against potential injuries during their adventures, hunts, or sports.
When should I use Tuf-Foot on my dog?
It is recommended to use Tuf-Foot before and after your dog's adventures to ensure their feet are properly toughened and protected.
What size does Tuf-Foot come in?
Tuf-Foot is available in a 7 fluid oz bottle.
What are the main ingredients in Tuf-Foot?
Tuf-Foot consists of isopropyl alcohol, Balsam Peru, tincture of benzoin, and less than 5% acetone.
Is Tuf-Foot safe for my dog?
Yes, Tuf-Foot is designed to safely protect and strengthen your dog's feet without causing harm.
How do I apply Tuf-Foot on my dog?
Simply follow the product's usage instructions to ensure proper application and effectiveness of Tuf-Foot on your dog's feet.
Where can I purchase Tuf-Foot?
Tuf-Foot is available through various online retailers and pet stores.

Item Specifications

UsageToughens feet before and after adventures in the field
Applicable toDogs, horses, sportsmen, hunters, and athletes
Size7 fluid oz
IngredientsIsopropyl alcohol, Balsam Peru, Tincture of benzoin, less than 5% acetone
BenefitsToughens soft, cracked, sore, and tender feet; protects against bruises, blisters, and foot soreness; aids in foot care and pad bruising; strengthens paw pads; provides paw protection
ApplicationsBird dog foot toughener, cover dog pad toughener, dog foot care, dog pad bruising toughener, dog paw pad strengthener, dog paw pads raw, dog paw protection, field dog foot toughener, gundog foot toughener, hoof hardener for horses, hunting dog pad toughener, pad heal, pad tough, tough foot ingredients, tough skin spray, tuf-foot for horses, tuf-foot, tuffoot

Strengthen Your Dog's Feet with Tuf-Foot: Ideal for Sport, Hunting and Field Dogs

Tuf-Foot is the ultimate foot care solution for your active dog, ensuring strong and healthy feet throughout their adventures. Protect your dog's paws from bruises, blisters, and soreness with our specially formulated formula designed for hunting, sports, and field dogs.

Our unique Tuf-Foot formula is guaranteed to toughen your dog's soft, cracked, sore, and tender feet, so they are ready for any challenge. Tuf-Foot is not only effective for dogs but also for horses and humans, making it a versatile foot care product for athletes, sportsmen, and hunters.

Don't let foot discomfort hold your dog back from enjoying their favorite activities. Strengthen and protect their paw pads with Tuf-Foot, the reliable and trusted solution for foot care in the dog world. Your dog will thank you for taking care of their most valuable asset, their feet.

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