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  • FieldKing Scent Pad

FieldKing Scent Pad

by FieldKing Item #: 1001260-00000
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Elevate Your Dog's Hunting Skills with the Easy-to-Use FieldKing Scent Pad - Ignore Distractions, Focus on Game Birds!
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FieldKing Scent Pad: the ultimate dog training scent pad designed to help your gun dog break free from the distraction of deer, rabbits, foxes, or skunks, and focus on game birds. This innovative and unique dog training accessory is a must-have for any dog owner looking to elevate their canine's hunting skills.

The FieldKing Scent Pad is crafted with highly absorbent material, ensuring that your chosen scent is retained effectively. This gives your dog the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the scent of the game bird and forget about unwanted trash animals. Each dog is different, but with consistent exposure to the desired scent, your dog will soon learn to focus on their target and ignore any distractions.

What sets the FieldKing Scent Pad apart from other dog training scent pads is its convenient design. It's incredibly easy to use - simply slip the scent pad over your dog's collar and you're good to go. No more struggling with complicated attachments or worrying about losing the pad during training. The scent pad is compatible with up to 1" collars, making it suitable for a wide range of dog breeds.

The benefits of using the FieldKing Scent Pad for dog training are endless. Not only will your dog learn to ignore trash animals, but they'll also develop a keen sense of smell and become more focused during hunting sessions. This will ultimately lead to a more successful and enjoyable experience for both you and your canine companion.

In summary, the FieldKing Scent Pad is the ideal solution for anyone looking to enhance their dog's training and hunting abilities. Its unique design, ease of use, and compatibility with various collar sizes make it a standout choice in the world of dog training scents. Invest in the FieldKing Scent Pad today and watch as your dog becomes the focused, skilled hunter you always knew they could be.

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FieldKing Scent Pad Q&A

What does the FieldKing Scent Pad do?
The FieldKing Scent Pad trains your dog to forget trash animals and focus on game birds.
Is the scent pad compatible with different collar sizes?
Yes, the scent pad fits collars up to 1 inch wide.
How does the FieldKing Scent Pad work?
The absorbent pad is attached to your dog's collar and dosed with breaking scent.
What animals does the scent pad help your dog avoid?
It helps your dog avoid deer, rabbits, fox, and skunk.
How frequently should the breaking scent be applied?
Apply the breaking scent to the pad morning, noon, and night.
What is the primary benefit of the FieldKing Scent Pad?
The primary benefit is to train your dog to focus on game birds and ignore trash animals.
Can the scent pad be used for various dog breeds?
Yes, the scent pad can be used for a variety of dog breeds.
Is the FieldKing Scent Pad easy to use?
Yes, it is easy to use by simply slipping the pad over your dog's collar.
What is the main purpose of the scent pad?
The main purpose is to train your dog to avoid trash animals and focus on game birds.
Is the FieldKing Scent Pad effective in dog training?
Yes, it is a proven training method for helping your dog concentrate on game birds.

Item Specifications

ProductFieldKing Scent Pad
PurposeBreak dog from deer, rabbits, fox, or skunk
MethodDose dog with a breaking scent
EffectDog will pursue game birds, forgetting trash animals
DesignAbsorbent pad slips over dog's collar
CompatibilityFits up to 1" collar
UsageAdd scent morning, noon, and night
CategoryDog training, scent pad, breaking scent

FieldKing Scent Pad: The Perfect Tool for Game Bird Dog Training

The FieldKing Scent Pad is designed to train your dog to forget about trash animals like deer, rabbits, fox, and skunk, and instead focus on game birds. This innovative dog training scent pad ensures your dog is no longer interested in the unwanted animals you want them to avoid.

With the FieldKing Scent Pad, dosing your dog with a breaking scent is now more convenient than ever. Simply slip the absorbent pad over your dog's collar and enjoy easy access to the pad when adding scent. Designed to fit up to a 1' collar, this scent pad is perfect for all your dog training needs.

Say goodbye to unwanted distractions and hello to a well-trained canine companion. The FieldKing Scent Pad helps your dog concentrate on pursuing game birds while effectively removing interest in trash animals. See the difference in your dog's behavior with this proven scent pad training method.

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