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The FieldKing Horse TieOut Stake is an innovative and reliable solution for securing your horse safely and effectively. Designed specifically for ease of use, all you need to do is pound the stake into the ground until only the O-Ring is visible and then attach your FieldKing Picket Line.

The unique design of this horse tie-out stake ensures safety for your horse, allowing it to walk or roll without the risk of injury from the stake. It is particularly beneficial after a long day on the back course, allowing your horse to take a well-deserved break without any worries.

Made from hot-rolled steel, the FieldKing Horse Stake Out is not only durable but also promises longevity, making it a cost-effective solution for horse tethering. With dimensions of 3/4" x 18", it is the perfect size for secure and comfortable tethering.

Proudly made in the USA, the FieldKing Horse Tie Out Stake is a testament to superior craftsmanship and quality. It is important to note that while this horse tethering stake is designed for the utmost safety, it is recommended not to leave your animal unattended.

In summary, the FieldKing Horse Stake Out is not just a horse tie-out stake, but a comprehensive solution for ensuring your horse's safety and comfort. Its unique selling points include its simple yet effective design, high-quality material, and exceptional durability. Choose FieldKing for peace of mind in your horse's safety and comfort.
  • Approximately 18" long
  • 3/4" hot rolled steel
  • Welded O-ring

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FieldKing Horse Tie Out, Stake ONLY Q&A

What is the purpose of the FieldKing Horse Tie Out Stake?
The FieldKing Horse Tie Out Stake is designed to securely tether a horse while it is outside, ensuring their safety and comfort.
How does the FieldKing Horse Stake Out protect my horse?
The design allows the horse to walk or roll without fear of injury and avoids any harmful contact with the stake.
What is the FieldKing Horse Tie Out Stake made of?
It is made from durable 3/4-inch hot-rolled steel.
How do I attach the FieldKing Picket Line?
Attach the Picket Line to the secure O-ring on the stake.
What are the dimensions of the stake?
The stake is approximately 18 inches long and 3/4 inches thick.
Is this horse tie out stake safe for long-term use?
Yes, it is designed for durability and long-lasting use in all conditions.
Do I need any additional equipment for this stake?
You will need the FieldKing Picket Line to securely tether your horse.
Does the stake take up much space when installed?
No, the stake is pounded all the way into the ground with only the O-ring visible.
Can I use this for other animals besides horses?
It is specifically designed for horses, but please consult an expert before using it for other animals.
Is it safe to be used outdoors?
Yes, it is designed for outdoor use like field trials and other outdoor equestrian events.

Item Specifications

ProductFieldKing Horse Tie Out - Stake ONLY
PurposeTethering a horse securely but allowing freedom of movement
DesignSimple and effective
MaterialHot-rolled steel
Method of InstallationPound the stake into the ground; attach FieldKing Picket Line
SafetyPrevents injury
Dimensions3/4" x 18"
Made inUSA
WarningDo not leave the animal unattended
Related termsField trial horse stake, horse tethering stake, picket pin

FieldKing Horse Tie Out: The Ultimate Solution for Safe and Effective Horse Tethering

The FieldKing Horse Tie Out Stake ensures your horse's safety and comfort while providing a simple and effective tethering solution. Made from durable hot-rolled steel, this stake is designed to securely hold your horse without causing injury.

With the FieldKing Horse Stake Out, you can rest assured that your horse is safely tethered but still free to walk, roll, or lay down without any fear of getting hurt. This innovative tethering system proves to be the ultimate solution for horse safety and welfare.

Designed and made in the USA, the FieldKing Horse Tie Out Stake also features a strong and secure O-ring attachment, allowing you to easily attach the FieldKing Picket Line. Its 18-inch length and 3/4-inch hot-rolled steel construction ensure durability and stability in all conditions.

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