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The Retriev-R-Trainer, Basic Kit is a comprehensive solution for all your retriever training needs. This kit comes with a robust launcher, a white canvas dummy and 100 medium loads, ensuring you have everything you need to train your dog effectively and efficiently.

The Original RRT Basic Kit is specifically designed to maximize your retriever's performance by propelling dummies further, faster, and with heightened accuracy. This dynamic action not only stimulates your retriever's natural instinct to retrieve but also provides a great way to exercise your gun dog.

Uniquely, the "shot" propelling the dummy is almost simultaneous with the flight of the dummy, making the training experience more realistic and exciting for your dog. The launcher, part of the RRT Basic Kit, is capable of throwing a dummy almost the length of a football field - well over 225 feet. This impressive distance can be easily varied by altering the charge fired and the angle used to launch the dummy.

Safety is a core feature of the RRT Basic Kit. The launcher is safe to use with the specified charges, and its design ensures your hands are never in any danger zone. Since it's not a firearm, no permit or registration is required. The launcher is made from durable metal designed to last for years, and the rubber handle ensures a secure grip for optimal control.

In brief, the Original RRT Basic Kit is the perfect tool for enhancing your retriever's training, offering a safe, fun, and effective method to instill their natural desire to retrieve.
  • 1 Launcher
  • 1 White canvas dummy
  • 100 Medium loads

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Retriev-R-Trainer, Basic Kit Q&A

How does the RRT Basic Kit improve my retriever's training?
It propels dummies farther, faster, and with greater accuracy to enhance their natural ability to retrieve.
What kind of charges does the RRT Basic Kit use?
.22 caliber blank charges.
How far can the RRT launcher throw a dummy?
Almost the length of a football field, well over 225 feet.
What materials is the launcher made of?
Durable metal, ensuring a long-lasting product.
Is the RRT Basic Kit a firearm?
No, it is not a firearm and requires no permit or registration.
How does the launcher provide a realistic training experience?
The shot propelling the dummy is almost simultaneous with the flight of the dummy, sparking a natural reaction in your dog.
Can the distance of the dummy launch be adjusted?
Yes, by varying the charges and angles.
Is the RRT launcher safe to use?
Yes, when used as intended and with the specified charges.
What is the role of rubber handle?
It provides optimum grip and control while using the launcher.
Can this kit be used for waterfowl retrievers?
Yes, it's an ideal training tool for waterfowl retrievers and gun dogs.

Item Specifications

Retriev-R-TrainerBasic Kit
Launcher1 piece
White canvas dummy1 piece
Medium loads100 pieces
Working retrieversDevelops by sending dummies farther, faster, and with greater accuracy
Exercise and natural desire to retrieveInstills in gun dog
Realistic action"Shot" and dummy flight almost simultaneous
.22 caliber blank chargeCan throw a dummy almost 225 feet
Distance variation factorsCharge fired and angle used
SafetyHands cannot be in the danger zone
Not a firearm, not requiring permitCannot be converted into a gun; no registration required
Launcher materialMetal, long-lasting and durable
Rubber handleAllows a good grip for optimum control; safer usage
Fun for dogsEnjoy chasing the long high dummies; owners enjoy using this kit

Retriev-R-Trainer Basic Kit: Train Your Retriever with Speed and Accuracy

Introducing the Original RRT Basic Kit, designed to improve your retriever's training by propelling dummies farther, faster, and with greater accuracy. Enhance your working retriever's natural ability to retrieve while providing them with the exercise they need.

The RRT Basic Kit offers a more realistic training experience, as the propulsion of the dummy is almost simultaneous with the .22 caliber blank charge's shot. This natural response excites your dog's instincts and develops their retrieving skills.

With the ability to launch dummies over 225 feet, the RRT Basic Kit allows flexibility in training by adjusting the charges and angles. Made from durable metal, the launcher is not only safe to use, but also lasts for years.

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