• FieldKing Roading Check Cord

FieldKing Roading Check Cord

by FieldKing Item #: 1001007-00100
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Tangle-Free and Horseback-Compatible Training
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The right equipment is always preferred when training your gun dog and the FieldKing Roading Check Cord is the right equipment.

Made of tangle-resistant braided lariat this check cord makes roading your dog from horseback a pleasure. Designed specifically for roading from horseback, and at 16' long it's just the right length to keep you, your horse, and your good dog out of trouble. We use a 5/16" braided lariat and add a solid brass bolt snap that's attached with a bowline knot. Finally, we loop the trailing end for your convenience.

Color - Black (based on availability)
  • Tangle-Free & Horseback-Compatible for Effortless Training
  • Tangle-Resistant Braided Lariat Material
  • Designed Specifically for Roading from Horseback
  • 16' Length for Optimal Safety & Control
  • 5/16" Braided Lariat with Solid Brass Italian Bolt Snap
  • Brass Snap Attached with Bowline Knot for Durability
  • Convenient Loop on Trailing End
  • Available in Black
  • FieldKing: Trusted Brand for Check Cords, Leads, & Leashes
  • Perfect Addition to Your Dog Training Supplies Collection

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FieldKing Roading Check Cord Q&A

What makes the FieldKing Roading Check Cord unique?
It is specifically designed for horseback compatibility, tangle-resistant material, and optimal control during gun dog training.
What is the length of the FieldKing Roading Check Cord?
It measures 16 feet long, providing you with optimal safety and control.
What kind of snap does the FieldKing Roading Check Cord have?
The cord features a solid brass Italian bolt snap for durability and ease of use.
How is the snap attached to the cord?
The snap is attached using a bowline knot, offering superior durability.
Is the FieldKing Roading Check Cord available in different colors?
The cord is available in black, based on availability.
What type of material is the FieldKing Roading Check Cord made from?
The cord is made from tangle-resistant braided lariat material.
Will I need any additional equipment to use the FieldKing Roading Check Cord?
No, the cord is designed to provide optimal control and convenience as a standalone tool for your gun dog training needs.
What activities can the FieldKing Roading Check Cord be used for?
The cord can be used for bird dog training, endurance roading, field trials, and general gun dog training.
What is the thickness of the FieldKing Roading Check Cord?
The cord features a 5/16-inch thick braided lariat.
Do I need experience on horseback to use the FieldKing Roading Check Cord?
While the cord is designed for horseback training, it can easily be adapted for gun dog training in various environments with basic understanding and experience.

Item Specifications

Check cord brandFieldKing
Training equipment compatibilityGun dog
MaterialTangle-resistant braided lariat
Specific design purposeRoading from horseback
Lariat details5/16" braided lariat with solid brass bolt snap
Knot typeBowline
Trailing end featureConvenient loop
Unique featuresTangle-Free & Horseback-Compatible
Training suppliesDog training supplies collection
Trusted brand for other productsCheck cords, leads, and leashes
Common usesPro trainer check cord, endurance roading cord, field trial roading check cord, gun dog roading check cord, tangle-free check cord

FieldKing Roading Check Cord - Optimal Control & Tangle-Resistance for Gun Dog Training

Experience effortless and efficient gun dog training with the FieldKing Roading Check Cord, specifically designed for compatibility on horseback. The tangle-resistant braided lariat material ensures a smooth and hassle-free journey for you and your trained companion.

Upgrade your dog training gear with the FieldKing Roading Check Cord, featuring a convenient 16-foot length, 5/16-inch braided lariat, and solid brass Italian bolt snap. Experience advanced durability with the attached snap using a bowline knot and experience optimal control throughout your session.

The FieldKing Roading Check Cord is a perfect addition to your dog training supplies collection. With its unique design tailored for roading from horseback and its superior quality, this check cord will become an indispensable part of your training.

Trust in FieldKing's reputation for providing the best check cords, leads, and leashes in the industry. Their practical and effective equipment is perfect for bird dog training, endurance roading, and field trials.