• FieldKing Roading Check Cord

FieldKing Roading Check Cord

by FieldKing Item #: 1001007-00100
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The right equipment is always preferred when training your gun dog and the FieldKing Roading Check Cord is the right equipment.

Made of extra stiff, tangle-resistant braided lariat this check cord will make roading your dog from horseback a pleasure. Designed specifically for roading from horseback, the FieldKing Roading Check Cord is tangle-resistant and at 16' long it's just the right length to keep you, your horse, and your good dog out of trouble. We use a 5/16" braided lariat and add a solid brass Italian bolt snap that's attached with a bowline knot. Finally, we loop the trailing end for your convenience.

Color - Dark Green or Black (based on availability)

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