• FieldKing Pistol Lanyard, Nylon

FieldKing Pistol Lanyard, Nylon

by FieldKing Item #: 1001250-00070
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Protect Your Valuable Investment with FieldKing Pistol Lanyard
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A pistol is an expensive investment for the training of your bird dog and the FieldKing Pistol Lanyard is the best insurance for keeping you and your pistol together.

Clip one end to your pistol and loop the other around your belt.

Simple and safe.

24" Total length

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FieldKing Pistol Lanyard, Nylon Q&A

What is the length of the FieldKing Pistol Lanyard?
The total length of the lanyard is 24 inches.
What material is the FieldKing Pistol Lanyard made of?
It is made of durable nylon material.
How do I use the FieldKing Pistol Lanyard?
Simply clip one end to your pistol and loop the other end around your belt.
Is the FieldKing Pistol Lanyard suitable for all types of pistols?
Yes, it is designed to work with various pistols used in training and hunting activities.
Can I use this lanyard for hunting dog training?
Absolutely! The FieldKing Pistol Lanyard is perfect for hunting dog training as well.
Is the FieldKing Pistol Lanyard easy to attach and detach?
Yes, its simple clip and loop design makes it easy to attach and detach while ensuring security.
Will the FieldKing Pistol Lanyard fit all belt sizes?
The loop end is designed to accommodate a variety of belt sizes and styles.
Can the FieldKing Pistol Lanyard be used for other outdoor training activities?
Yes, it is a versatile accessory suitable for various outdoor training activities.
Does the FieldKing Pistol Lanyard prevent my pistol from falling?
Yes, it securely attaches to your pistol to prevent accidental falls and loss.
Is the FieldKing Pistol Lanyard weather-resistant?
Its nylon material is designed to withstand various weather conditions during outdoor training.

Item Specifications

Product NameFieldKing Pistol Lanyard, Nylon
PurposeBest insurance for keeping you and your pistol together
DesignClip one end to the pistol and loop the other around your belt
Length24" Total length
CompatibilityBird dog pistol, blank pistol, dog training pistol, hunting dog pistol, starter pistol, training pistol
Sales AvailabilityPistol Lanyards for sale

FieldKing Nylon Pistol Lanyard: Secure Your Bird Dog Training Pistol

FieldKing Pistol Lanyard offers the perfect solution for keeping your bird dog training pistol safe, secure, and always within reach. Its 24' nylon construction ensures durability and convenience while you train your beloved companion in the great outdoors.

Investing in a pistol for bird dog training doesn't have to be stressful. With the FieldKing Nylon Pistol Lanyard, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your valuable equipment is protected at all times. Just clip one end to your pistol and loop the other around your belt for a simple and secure connection.

The FieldKing Pistol Lanyard isn't just for bird dog training - it's perfect for any hunting dog or outdoor training activity. This versatile accessory is essential for any sportsman looking to enhance their training experience while maintaining the safety and longevity of their pistol.