• National Scent Company, Blue Foot Pad Toughener

National Scent Company, Blue Foot Pad Toughener

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Improve Your Dog's Foot Health
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Keep your dog's feet in top condition with Blue Foot. Daily application toughens feet and a light application twice weekly maintains toughness. Apply double application before hunting or field trialing. Apply daily as antiseptic for cuts, bites, etc.

Keep away from eyes.

Size - 4 Fluid Oz

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National Scent Company, Blue Foot Pad Toughener Q&A

What are the benefits of using Blue Foot Pad Toughener?
It toughens and strengthens your dog's paws, protects them from cuts and bites, and serves as an antiseptic for wounds.
How often should I apply the toughener?
Apply daily to toughen your dog's paws, and twice weekly to maintain their toughness.
Is Blue Foot Pad Toughener suitable for all dog breeds?
Yes, it is suitable for all breeds, particularly for those involved in field trials and hunting activities.
Can Blue Foot Pad Toughener help with cuts and bites?
Yes, it serves as an antiseptic for cuts, bites, and other paw-related injuries.
What is the size of the Blue Foot Pad Toughener bottle?
The bottle is 4 Fluid Oz in size.
Is it essential for both indoor and outdoor dogs?
While it is particularly beneficial for outdoor dogs, it can still be useful for indoor dogs to maintain paw health and strength.
Can I use Blue Foot Pad Toughener on my dog if they have sensitive skin?
Yes, but it may be wise to consult with your veterinarian beforehand to ensure your dog's specific needs are met.
How long does it take to see results from the product?
You may see results and relief for your dog relatively quickly, but continued use is recommended to maintain optimal paw health.
Does Blue Foot Pad Toughener help with mobility and endurance?
Yes, by strengthening and conditioning your dog's paws, their mobility and endurance will be enhanced.
What is the main feature of National Scent Company's Blue Foot Pad Toughener?
The main feature is its ability to toughen and strengthen your dog's paws while also serving as an antiseptic for wounds.

Item Specifications

CompanyNational Scent Company
ProductBlue Foot Pad Toughener
Primary UseToughens dog's feet
Maintenance ApplicationTwice weekly
Heavy ApplicationBefore hunting/field trialing
Additional UseAntiseptic for cuts, bites, etc.
CautionKeep away from eyes
Size4 Fluid Oz
Alternate Product Names-bird dog foot toughener

National Scent Company Blue Foot Pad Toughener: A Solution for Healthy Dog Paws

Ensure your canine's paws remain in superior condition with the National Scent Company's Blue Foot Pad Toughener. This product provides a solution to protect and enhance foot strength, particularly for hunting and field trial dogs. Application is easy, and the results make a difference in your dog's overall foot health.

Blue Foot Pad Toughener offers a double benefit – toughening your dog's feet while serving as an antiseptic for cuts and bites. It is particularly useful for hunting dogs, ensuring they remain in optimal condition while exploring different terrains. A daily application is recommended to toughen the feet, while a twice-weekly application helps maintain this toughness. Your canine companion will undoubtedly appreciate the care and attention given to their paws.

Keep your dog's paws in top shape with the Blue Foot Pad Toughener. This product has been carefully formulated to meet the needs of different breeds and types of dogs, particularly those involved in field trial activities. The easy-to-apply solution provides quick relief for cuts and bites, helping your dog enjoy a faster recovery and increased mobility. Invest in your dog's health today with Blue Foot Pad Toughener.