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  • Nylon Dog Lead, Two Ply, Orange, 72" Obedience Lead

Nylon Dog Lead, Two Ply, Orange, 72" Obedience Lead

by Leather Brothers Item #: 1031101-78477
1 customer review
Discover the Benefits of a 72-inch Nylon Obedience Lead for Your Dog
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Step up your dog walking and training routine with the Nylon Dog Lead, Two Ply, Orange, 72" Obedience Lead. This striking leash is made from two-ply nylon for enhanced durability. The vibrant orange color makes this leash stand out, ensuring your dog's safety and visibility even in low-light conditions.

This 72-inch leash, equivalent to a full 6 feet, offers an ideal balance between control and freedom of movement for your canine companion. Whether you're in the midst of obedience training or enjoying a leisurely stroll, this leash ensures your dog can explore their surroundings while still securely tethered.

What sets this leash apart is its practical O-Ring feature. Simply attach the sturdy brass snap to the O-Ring and loop the leash over your shoulder when you want to let your dog roam free. This hands-free option allows you to move unencumbered, without the hassle of holding onto a cumbersome leash.

Make this obedience leash truly unique with the option of adding a solid brass or stainless steel nameplate. This feature eliminates the worry of misplaced leashes, ensuring your leash always finds its way back to you. As a bonus, we're offering FREE machine-stamped rivets for easy nameplate attachment.

Measuring 72" Long x 3/4" Wide, this two-ply nylon leash offers a perfect blend of strength and style. Elevate your pet accessory collection with this Orange 72" Obedience Lead and notice the significant difference in your dog walks and training sessions.

Customer Reviews

Jeffrey from Yardley, PA
Date Reviewed:
5 stars
The BEST lead ever ! ! I have used it for years as a field lead. I use it for service dog work and with the police K-9 teams. I started with the police force in 1978. I started as animal control office the to trainer with the K-9 units. Now I train service dogs. I am still using some of the leads I started with in 1978.

Nylon Dog Lead, Two Ply, Orange, 72" Obedience Lead Q&A

What is the length of this obedience lead?
The obedience lead is 72 inches in length.
What color is this lead?
The lead is orange.
What is the purpose of the O-Ring in the handle?
The O-Ring allows convenient, hands-free carrying by looping it over your shoulder.
What material is the obedience lead made of?
The lead is made of two-ply nylon.
Are there options for personalization?
Yes, there is an option for a solid brass or stainless steel nameplate.
How can I attach the nameplate?
Free machine-stamped rivets are included for easy attachment of the nameplate.
Is this lead suitable for bird dog training?
Yes, it is suitable for bird dog training.
Can I use this lead for gun dog training?
Yes, it is suitable for gun dog training.
What is the width of the leash?
The leash is 3/4 inches wide.
Is this lead recommended for hunting dogs?
Yes, it is ideal for hunting dog handling.

Item Specifications

MaterialTwo ply nylon
Length72" (6 feet)
FeaturesO-Ring in the handle, Solid brass snap
TypesObedience Lead
Optional Add-onSolid brass or stainless steel nameplate, Machine Stamped Rivets
Dimensions72" Long x 3/4" Wide

72-inch Orange Nylon Obedience Lead - Maximum Control & Convenience

Upgrade your dog's control with this 72-inch Orange Nylon Obedience Lead, made of durable two-ply nylon and designed to provide the optimal training tool for your canine. With a full 6 feet of length, this lead offers increased freedom while maintaining a close connection during your training sessions.

The innovative O-Ring design in the handle allows you to attach the solid brass snap and loop the lead over your shoulder for hands-free convenience when you release your dog in the field. This feature makes it incredibly easy to carry and ensures you have full control of the leash at all times.

Personalize your obedience lead with an optional solid brass or stainless steel nameplate, so you never have to worry about losing it. Plus, don't miss out on the FREE machine-stamped rivets included for easy attachment of the nameplate. Experience top-quality training with this orange nylon obedience lead.

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