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  • Nylon Dog Lead, Single Ply, Orange, 56" Walking Lead

Nylon Dog Lead, Single Ply, Orange, 56" Walking Lead

by Leather Brothers Item #: 1031101-15014
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Experience the Versatile 56-inch Orange Nylon Walking Lead!
Optional Attached Nameplate
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Introducing the 56-Inch Orange Nylon Walking Lead by Leather Brothers, a remarkable combination of style, function, and durability. This single-ply nylon leash is designed to provide a unique and superior walking experience for both you and your beloved canine companion.

The vibrant orange color of the lead not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also significantly improves visibility during evening walks or hiking adventures. With a length of 56", this tough dog leash offers ample space for your dog to explore while still under your control, ensuring safety and comfort.

A standout feature of this nylon lead is its dual solid brass snaps. One snap is strategically located in the handhold while the other is used to secure your dog. This design allows for easy and convenient control of your pet whether during a casual walk or a training session.

The floating O-Ring is an innovative feature that sets this product apart. It can freely move along the entire length of the lead, allowing you to securely tie the lead to a fence post or small tree for a hands-free experience. This makes it an excellent choice for situations when you need to keep your dog controlled but not physically attached to them.

Measuring 56” long and 1” wide, this orange nylon lead is suitable for dogs of various sizes. It offers numerous possibilities for guiding your dog in and out of various environments, making it an extremely versatile tool.

You can further personalize this lead with an optional solid brass or stainless steel nameplate. Should you misplace the lead, it can always find its way back to you. To attach the nameplate, we'll include FREE machine-stamped rivets for your convenience.

Crafted from durable nylon, this lead is designed to withstand even the most energetic dogs and the toughest conditions. Its robust construction makes it an ideal choice for those in search of reliable and tough dog leashes.

The Orange Nylon Walking Lead is the ultimate accessory for your dog walking and training needs, offering the perfect blend of reliability, functionality, and style.

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Nylon Dog Lead, Single Ply, Orange, 56" Walking Lead Q&A

How long is the Orange Nylon Dog Lead?
The Orange Nylon Dog Lead is 56 inches long.
What is the width of this leash?
The leash's width is 1 inch.
What are the snaps on the leash made of?
The leash features two solid brass snaps.
Can I attach a nameplate to the leash?
Yes, you can attach an optional solid brass or stainless steel nameplate.
Do I have to purchase rivets for the nameplate separately?
No, free machine-stamped rivets are included for attaching the nameplate.
What is the use of the floating O-Ring?
The floating O-Ring allows for added versatility, permitting the user to attach the leash to fence posts or small trees.
Is this nylon dog lead specifically designed for a particular breed of dog?
This nylon dog lead is perfect for bird dogs, gun dogs, and hunting dogs.
Is this leash available in other colors?
This leash is available in a unique and vibrant orange color.
Can the solid brass snaps be used in multiple ways?
Yes, the two solid brass snaps allow for many possibilities when leading your dog into and out of the field.
Is the leash durable?
Yes, the single-ply design ensures durability and toughness during dog walks.

Item Specifications

Length56 inches
Width1 inch
FeaturesSolid brass snaps, Floating O-ring
UsesBird dog walking, Gun dog walking
Nameplate OptionSolid brass or stainless steel
Included with NameplateFREE Machine Stamped Rivets

Experience the 56-inch Orange Nylon Dog Lead for Exceptional Control

Introducing the 56-inch Orange Nylon Dog Lead, a single-ply leash designed with functionality and practicality in mind. With a floating O-Ring and two solid brass snaps, this leash takes versatility to a whole new level.

Find countless possibilities as you lead your loyal companion into various fields and situations with our Orange Nylon Walking Lead. The additional snap and the floating O-Ring allow for attaching the leash to a fence post or small tree for times when you need control without physical connection.

Take advantage of our included optional solid brass or stainless steel nameplate to ensure your Orange Nylon Dog Lead never gets lost! With FREE Machine Stamped Rivets included, customize your leash and always be confident it will return to you if misplaced.

Experience reliable and versatile control with the Orange Nylon Dog Lead, designed to withstand tough dog walks and compatible with various attachments for a hassle-free walking experience.

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