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  • Nylon Dog Lead, Single Ply, Orange, 48" Walking Lead

Nylon Dog Lead, Single Ply, Orange, 48" Walking Lead

by Leather Brothers Item #: 1031101-65295
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Experience Hands-Free Dog Walking with Durable, Orange 48" Nylon Lead
Optional Attached Nameplate
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The Orange 48" Walking Lead by Leather Brothers, is a Nylon Dog Lead designed with your convenience in mind. This vibrant orange dog leash is a superior tool that offers hands-free convenience, making it the perfect companion for all of your outdoor adventures with your faithful dog.

Crafted from single-ply nylon, this 48" dog lead boasts exceptional durability and longevity. Its bright orange hue ensures it stands out, making it easy to spot even in the field. The leash measures 48" in length and 3/4" in width, striking the perfect balance between functionality and comfort.

One of the unique selling points of this walking lead is the handy O-Ring located in the handle. This innovative feature allows you to easily attach the solid brass snap to the O-ring and loop the lead over your shoulder, providing an effective hands-free walking experience. This is an excellent solution for carrying your 48" Walking Lead efficiently, especially when you're on the move.

Additionally, this nylon dog leash comes with the option to attach a solid brass or stainless steel nameplate. This added feature ensures that your lead can always find its way back to you if ever misplaced. For your convenience, we offer FREE Machine Stamped Rivets to attach the nameplate.

In conclusion, the Orange 48" Walking Lead is not just a Nylon Dog Lead, but a must-have tool that enhances your pet's outdoor experiences while providing you with the utmost convenience. Experience the difference a quality lead can make with this sturdy, single-ply nylon dog leash.

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Nylon Dog Lead, Single Ply, Orange, 48" Walking Lead Q&A

Is this lead suitable for all dog breeds?
Yes, the 48" Walking Lead is ideal for gun dogs and other breeds alike.
Can the nameplate be removed?
Yes, the optional nameplate is removable if you don't require it.
How durable is the single-ply nylon?
The single-ply nylon is strong and designed to withstand regular use in the field.
Does the O-Ring in the handle serve any other purpose?
The O-Ring allows for easy attachment of the brass snap, as well as convenient carrying of the lead over your shoulder.
Do I need to purchase rivets separately?
No, the Walking Lead includes FREE Machine Stamped Rivets for attaching the nameplate.
What color is the lead?
The lead is a vibrant orange, designed for visibility during hunting trips.
How wide is the lead?
The Walking Lead is 3/4" wide, providing a comfortable grip and durability.
Does this lead work well with gun dogs?
Yes, the lead was specifically designed for gun dogs and their active lifestyle.
What type of snap attachment is used?
The Walking Lead features a solid brass snap for secure attachment.
Can the lead be used for hands-free walking?
Yes, by attaching the snap to the O-Ring, you can easily carry the lead over your shoulder and walk hands-free.

Item Specifications

MaterialSingle-ply nylon
Special FeatureO-Ring in handle, attachable brass snap
UsageWalking and transitioning to field
Optional AttachmentSolid brass or stainless steel nameplate
Included AccessoryFREE Machine Stamped Rivets to attach nameplate

Orange 48" Nylon Walking Lead | Gun Dog Single Ply Walking Lead

Introducing the one-of-a-kind Orange 48" Walking Lead, made from high-quality single-ply nylon, the perfect solution for gun dog owners. Ensure a hassle-free walk from the truck to the field with this strong and durable lead.

Featuring a practical O-Ring in the handle, easily attach the solid brass snap to the O-Ring for a comfortable, hands-free experience. Focus on your surroundings while this 48" Walking Lead sits conveniently over your shoulder during field trips.

Customize your lead with an optional solid brass or stainless steel nameplate, ensuring your lead is easily identifiable if ever misplaced. Plus, enjoy FREE Machine Stamped Rivets to attach the nameplate to your new 48" Walking Lead.

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