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Discover the ideal training device for your upstart gun dog with FieldKing's No Hurt Dog Training Collar. This innovative product ensures the most comfortable and effective training experience for your dog, with its unique design featuring flattened spikes. This eliminates the worry of causing discomfort to your pet during training sessions, making it a kinder and gentler option compared to traditional J.A.S.A. style collars.

The FieldKing No Hurt Dog Training Collar is crafted from top-quality leather. This leather pinch collar is doubled and stitched to ensure the utmost strength and durability. This means you can rely on this collar to last for many years of gun dog training sessions.

Adding to its durability are its sturdy nickel hardware and blunted copper rivet spikes. This ensures that this spiked dog training collar maintains its integrity and effectiveness over time, making it a worthwhile investment for any dog owner.

The FieldKing No Hurt Dog Training Collar is not just a training tool but also a statement of care for your pet. Its design and features highlight the importance of comfort and safety in training, making it a standout choice in gundog supplies.

Experience the difference in dog training with FieldKing's No Hurt Dog Training Collar. It's more than just a collar; it's a commitment to a superior, more compassionate way of training your dog. Choose FieldKing for quality dog training supplies that prioritize your pet's well-being.
  • 13 flattened copper rivet spikes approximately 1/4" long
  • Spring system that allows the collar to release
  • Double-ply top grain 1 1/4" tanned leather
  • Heavy duty nickel plated D-Ring and Roller Buckle
  • 27" circumference when fully open
  • One size fits most
  • Hand-sewn

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FieldKing No Hurt Dog Training Collar Q&A

What is the main advantage of using FieldKing No Hurt Collar?
The collar ensures less discomfort during training sessions.
Who made the collar famous?
Dave Walker
What material is the collar made from?
Double-ply top grain tanned leather
What type of hardware is used for the collar?
Nickel hardware and blunted copper rivet spikes
How long are the copper rivet spikes?
Approximately 1/4" long
What unique feature does the collar's spring system provide?
It allows the collar to release.
What is the collar's circumference when fully open?
27 inches
What kind of buckle does the collar have?
Heavy duty nickel plated roller buckle
Is the collar hand-sewn?
Yes, the collar is hand-sewn.
Can the FieldKing No Hurt Collar be used for gun dog training sessions?
Yes, it is perfect for gun dog training sessions.

Item Specifications

Type of collarNo Hurt Dog Training Collar
Famous userDave Walker
ComparisonKinder, gentler FORCE collar
MaterialTop-quality leather
HardwareNickel hardware, blunted copper rivet spikes
Key features13 flattened copper rivet spikes (approx. 1/4" long), Spring system for release, Double-ply top grain 1 1/4" tanned leather, Heavy duty nickel plated D-Ring and Roller Buckle, 27" circumference when fully open, One size fits most, Hand-sewn
UsesBird dog training collar, hunting dog training collar, gun dog training sessions
Associated termsDog training gear, dog training supplies, gun dog supply, gun dog training collar, gundog supply, humane gundog training collar, leather pinch collar, leather training collar for dogs, nice training collar, no pain training collar, prong collar, spiked dog training collar

FieldKing No Hurt Collar: Comfortable Dog Training Made Easy

Introducing FieldKing No Hurt Dog Training Collar - a more comfortable and humane alternative for training your canine companion. Designed with flattened spikes, it ensures less discomfort during training sessions, enabling a happier and more obedient pet.

Endorsed by Dave Walker, this FIELDKING Collar outshines the traditional J.A.S.A style collar in terms of comfort, quality, and effectiveness. It is perfect for those looking for a safer and more considerate approach to dog training.

Crafted from double-ply top grain tanned leather, the collar is both stylish and durable. With heavy-duty nickel-plated D-ring, roller buckle, and blunted copper rivet spikes, it serves as a long-lasting solution for all your gun dog training needs.

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