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The FieldKing Saddle Holster, the perfect accessory for training or trialing gun dogs off horseback. This saddle gun holster is a blend of convenience, safety, and style, designed with meticulous attention to detail to cater to your specific needs.

The FieldKing Saddle Holster securely attaches to your saddle, ensuring your blank pistol is always within easy reach.

One of its key features is the extra-large brass bolt snap, which allows for quick and secure attachment to your saddle. This feature eliminates the worry about the safety of your blank pistol, letting you concentrate on the task at hand.

Moreover, the FieldKing Saddle Holster is equipped with a leather trigger guard snap. This innovative design ensures your blank pistol stays put in the holster even as you gallop towards your standing bird dog. No longer do you have to worry about accidental discharges or losing your pistol mid-ride.

What truly sets the FieldKing Saddle Holster apart is its construction. Crafted from tough saddle leather, this saddle pistol holster offers superior protection for your firearm. It not only complements any saddle but also dramatically extends the lifespan of your blank pistol by shielding it from the elements and accidental drops.

In essence, the FieldKing Saddle Holster is more than just a holster. It is a saddle-mounted pistol holster that seamlessly combines convenience, safety, and style. It is a game-changer for gun dog trainers, taking their training sessions to unprecedented heights. Experience the benefits of the FieldKing Saddle Holster today and elevate your training sessions like never before.

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FieldKing Saddle Holster Q&A

What is the main purpose of the FieldKing Saddle Holster?
The main purpose is to provide a convenient and easily accessible way for trainers to hold their blank pistol while training gun dogs off horseback.
What material is the FieldKing Saddle Holster made from?
The holster is made from tough saddle leather for a sleek look and maximum protection.
How does the FieldKing Saddle Holster attach to the saddle?
It attaches using an extra-large brass bolt snap for secure and easy attachment.
What is the added safety feature of the FieldKing Saddle Holster?
The leather trigger guard snap ensures that the blank pistol stays in the holster during horseback riding.
Is the FieldKing Saddle Holster suitable for field trials?
Yes, it is an ideal accessory for field trials involving gun dogs.
Will the FieldKing Saddle Holster work with different types of pistols?
Yes, it is designed to fit a variety of blank pistols, revolvers, and other gun types.
What is the design of the FieldKing Saddle Holster like?
It features a sleek, functional design that offers great protection and accessibility for the gun.
Is the FieldKing Saddle Holster easy to use?
Yes, its design allows for simple attachment and detachment, as well as easy access to the gun during training.
How does the FieldKing Saddle Holster improve the training experience?
It makes the training process more efficient and convenient by providing a secure and accessible place to hold the blank pistol during horseback training.
Why should a gun dog trainer choose the FieldKing Saddle Holster?
It offers convenience, security, functionality and improved efficiency for those training gun dogs off horseback, making it an essential accessory for the job.

Item Specifications

ProductFieldKing Saddle Holster
MaterialTough saddle leather
Security featuresExtra-large brass bolt snap, leather trigger guard snap
CompatibilityBlank pistol, revolver
UsageTraining gun dogs off horseback, field trials
Mounting optionsSaddle-mounted
Types of holsters mentionedBlank pistol saddle holster, field trial blank pistol holster, field trial saddle holster, gun holster, holster, horseback saddle holster, horseback trial holster, leather saddle holster, pistol holster, revolver holster, saddle gun holster, saddle mounted pistol holster, saddle pistol holster, saddle revolver holster

Experience Convenience with FieldKing Saddle Holster for Horseback Training

Introducing the FieldKing Saddle Holster, a must-have accessory for training gun dogs off horseback. With its secure and robust features, experience convenience and accessibility like never before.

Made from tough saddle leather, the FieldKing Saddle Holster offers superior protection, coupled with an eloquent look. The extra-large brass bolt snap ensures easy attachment to your saddle, while the leather trigger guard snap safeguards your blank pistol.

Training gun dogs off horseback has never been easier, thanks to the FieldKing Saddle Holster. The one-stop solution for all of your saddle holster needs, revolutionizing the way you train your gun dogs.

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