• Quail Coop, COOP 6 Q
  • Quail Coop, COOP 6 Q
  • Quail Coop, COOP 6 Q
  • Quail Coop, COOP 6 Q

Quail Coop, COOP 6 Q

by Kuhl Item #: 1298030-00060
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Transport Your Quail with Ease and Comfort
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The Coop 6 Q Quail Coop is, of course, a great transportation crate for quail. Pigeons and chukar can be transported in this coop also but you'll find that they're cramped and uncomfortable if required to stay in it for long periods of time.

This Coop 6 Q Quail Coop can be used for transporting birds in vehicles and on ATVs. They're lightweight but incredibly durable. These coops will last for many bird dog training seasons doing their duty to transport birds from location to location.

This quail coop has a swinging top door and a sliding side door - convenient for loading and unloading. With its low height, you don't have to worry about the quail jumping too high and bruising themselves. Stackable corners means you can stack several units on top of each other with little worry of them sliding off.

Measurements - * 27" L x 18 1/2" W x 5" H
  • Holds approximately 25 quail
  • Top swinging door
  • Side sliding door
  • Solid floor
  • Stackable

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Quail Coop, COOP 6 Q Q&A

What are the dimensions of the Coop 6 Q Quail Coop?
The coop measures 27" L x 18 1/2" W x 5" H.
How many quail can this coop hold?
The Coop 6 Q can hold approximately 25 quail.
Is the Coop 6 Q suitable for pigeons and chukar as well?
Yes, although pigeons and chukar may find it cramped for extended periods.
What material is the coop made of?
The coop is made of lightweight yet durable materials.
Is the Coop 6 Q stackable?
Yes, the corners are stackable, meaning you can place multiple units on top of each other securely.
Can the Coop 6 Q be transported on ATVs?
Yes, the coop is designed for transportation on ATVs and vehicles.
How many doors does the coop have?
The coop has one top swinging door and one side sliding door.
Does the coop have a solid floor?
Yes, the coop comes with a solid floor.
Can the coop be used for bird dog training?
Yes, the Coop 6 Q is perfect for bird dog training seasons.
Is the Coop 6 Q easy to clean?
Yes, the design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Item Specifications

Type of CrateQuail Coop
ModelCoop 6 Q
Compatible BirdsQuail, Pigeons, Chukar
Best Suited ForQuail
UseBird Transportation, Bird Dog Training
Vehicle CompatibilityCars, ATVs
MaterialLightweight and Durable
DoorsSwinging Top Door, Sliding Side Door
Height-Specific FeatureLow for avoiding quail bruising
StackabilityStackable Corners for multiple units
Dimension27" L x 18 1/2" W x 5" H
CapacityApproximately 25 quail

Coop 6 Q Quail Coop: Transport and Train Your Birds in Style

Introducing the Coop 6 Q Quail Coop, an ideal solution for transportation and bird dog training needs. This lightweight yet durable coop is not only perfect for quail but also pigeons and chukar during bird dog training seasons. Its features such as a swinging top door and a sliding side door make it convenient for loading and unloading birds.

Forget heavy, cumbersome bird cages; the Coop 6 Q Quail Coop is a portable transport crate designed for on-the-go quail handling. Its low height ensures your birds don't jump too high and risk injury while being transported on ATVs or other vehicles. The stackable corner design makes it easy to accommodate multiple units without worrying about sliding or falling.

Make your bird transportation experience stress-free with the Coop 6 Q Quail Coop. This coop's compact measurements and resilient materials assure lasting durability for bird dog training seasons to come. Keep your birds securely and comfortably housed during their transportation with this efficient and practical solution.