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Kennel Deck is a remarkable pet floor system, specifically designed to meet all your indoor dog kennel flooring needs. It stands as an exceptional choice for puppy pen flooring, providing both comfort and sanitation to your cherished pets.

Constructed from top-tier high-density plastic resins, Kennel Deck boasts a unique structure that facilitates easy drainage and superb air circulation. This advanced feature ensures your pet's environment remains dry and clean at all times. Simultaneously, the non-skid surface guarantees their comfort and safety, making it an ideal and safe indoor dog kennel flooring idea.

Unlike traditional flooring options like dirt or concrete, the Kennel Deck elevates your pet above the ground, thus averting direct contact with potentially dangerous substances that can lead to diseases or bone complications. The standard 2' x 4' section can be conveniently adjusted with the provided clips for a custom fit for many cages. For smaller areas, you can easily cut the sections with a handsaw.

Standing 2" off the ground, the Kennel Deck system is simple to lift for cleaning and installation. It's also waterproof, ensuring its durability and long-lasting performance. Gift your pet the luxury of comfort and cleanliness with Kennel Deck, a leader in waterproof flooring for pets. With Kennel Deck, you can be confident that your pet's space is not only comfortable but hygienic and safe as well.

Kennel Deck by Kennel Deck, Inc. provides your pet with a superior, clean, comfortable, and sanitary flooring solution that's perfect for cages, runs and more. Upgrade your pet's space with Kennel Deck, and experience the difference of a top-notch pet floor system.
  • Keeps dog high and dry
  • Provides warmth
  • Comfortable non-skid surface
  • Will not absorb odors
  • Chew proof
  • Allows free air circulation
  • For 2′ x 4′ x 2″ (actual dimensions 23 1/2″ x 47 1/2″ x 2″ to fit inside a 2′ x 4′ area) Foot Section.
  • Easily expandable by the length or the width.
  • Only weighs 8 1/2 lbs
  • Can hold up to 1000 lbs

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Kennel Deck Q&A

What materials is the Kennel Deck made from?
The Kennel Deck is crafted from high-density plastic resins.
What are the benefits of using Kennel Deck for my dog?
The Kennel Deck offers improved sanitation, a comfortable non-skid surface, and warmth while not absorbing odors and being chew-proof.
Can the Kennel Deck be expanded for larger areas?
Yes, the Kennel Deck can be expanded to fit larger areas using the provided clips.
Is the Kennel Deck suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces?
Yes, the Kennel Deck can be used for both indoor and outdoor dog areas, such as pens and cages.
How does the Kennel Deck support air circulation?
The unique construction of the Kennel Deck allows for easy drainage and air circulation to keep your pet comfortable.
Is the Kennel Deck's surface non-slip?
Yes, the Kennel Deck provides a non-skid surface for your dog's safety and comfort.
What size does the Kennel Deck come in?
The standard size of the Kennel Deck is 2' x 4', fitting many cages and dog areas.
How is the Kennel Deck cleaned?
The Kennel Deck is easy to lift for cleaning, allowing for a quick and thorough process.
Does the Kennel Deck resist odors?
Yes, the Kennel Deck's material will not absorb odors, keeping your pet's space fresh.
Is the Kennel Deck waterproof?
Yes, the Kennel Deck features a waterproof design for added durability and longevity.

Item Specifications

MaterialHigh-density plastic resins
Surface FeaturesSanitary, comfortable, non-skid, easy drainage and air circulation
BenefitsKeeps dog high and dry, provides warmth, chew proof, resists odors
SizeStandard 2' x 4' section, expandable and customizable
Installation and CleaningEasy to lift, simple installation, quick cleaning
Compatibility with Various FlooringsDirt, concrete or other less-desirable surfaces
Suitable forKennels, dog cages, indoor pens, etc.

Transform Your Dog's Space with the Durable, Sanitary Kennel Deck Flooring System

Upgrade your dog's living space with the Kennel Deck flooring system, which offers a clean and proper solution for all types of dogs in kennels or cages. Crafted from high-density plastic resins, this unique design allows for effortless drainage and air circulation, giving your dog a comfortable, non-skid surface to rest on.

The Kennel Deck is an excellent choice for elevating your dog above less-desirable flooring, such as concrete or dirt, which can contribute to health problems. Its 2' x 4' standard size fits most cages, and the provided clips make extending the length or width a breeze. Easy to lift and clean, the sections sit 2" off the ground, ensuring your dog stays high and dry.

Enjoy the Kennel Deck's numerous benefits, such as its chew-proof construction, odor-resistance, and the warmth and comfort it provides. It's the perfect addition to any indoor dog pen or outdoor cage, and its waterproof design ensures durability and longevity for your pet's needs.

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