• FieldKing, Gunner's Handy Strap

FieldKing, Gunner's Handy Strap

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Carry Your Shotgun with Ease
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Most shotguns come without slings and swivels. Certainly a sling is not used in the shooting of a shotgun but there are times when it's handy to have the use of both hands. This Gunners Handy Strap will give you a break when you need it most.

With gear, game and incidentals to carry, a hunter needs a dog that will heel -- and a sling to carry his gun. This strap's loops slip over any shotgun so you don't have to mount any swivels. It's broad and lined, so it will stay on your shoulder.

All leather and well made for years of service. Using the Gunner's Handy Strap is a great way to get your gun to and from your blind.
  • Leather with suede lining
  • Adjustable
  • No-swivel design

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FieldKing, Gunner's Handy Strap Q&A

What material is the Gunner's Handy Strap made from?
The strap is made from high-quality leather with a suede lining.
How does the no-swivel design work?
The no-swivel design allows the loops to slip over any shotgun without mounting hardware.
Is the Gunner's Handy Strap adjustable?
Yes, the strap is adjustable for versatile use.
What types of hunting can the strap be used for?
The strap can be used for upland hunting, pheasant hunting, quail hunting, and waterfowl hunting.
Does the strap provide hands-free mobility?
Yes, the strap provides hands-free mobility, allowing you to carry gear, game, and incidentals with ease.
Is the suede lining comfortable?
Yes, the suede lining offers added comfort when carrying your shotgun.
How does the strap stay on the shoulder?
The strap's broad and lined design ensures it stays on your shoulder comfortably.
How long does the Gunner's Handy Strap last?
The strap is well made and is expected to provide years of service.
Is the Gunner's Handy Strap compatible with all shotguns?
The strap's no-swivel design makes it compatible with any shotgun.
What is the main benefit of using the Gunner's Handy Strap?
The main benefit of using the Gunner's Handy Strap is the convenience of hands-free mobility while carrying your shotgun during hunting activities.

Item Specifications

Product NameFieldKing, Gunner's Handy Strap
PurposeTo carry a shotgun using a strap
MaterialLeather with suede lining
CompatibilityAny shotgun (no need to mount swivels)
ComfortBroad and lined to stay on shoulder
DurabilityWell made for years of service
UsageCarrying gun to and from a blind; upland hunting; waterfowl hunting
Types of HuntingPheasant hunting, quail hunting, waterfowl hunting, upland hunting
Other NamesHunt test shotgun sling, leather shotgun sling, nastra shotgun sling, no swivel shotgun sling, pheasant hunting shotgun sling, quail hunting shotgun sling, shotgun sling, shotgun slings without swivels, upland hunting shotgun sling, waterfowl hunting shotgun sling, no-swivel shotgun sling

FieldKing Gunner's Handy Strap: The Convenient Accessory for Your Shotgun

Introducing FieldKing's Gunner's Handy Strap - the ultimate shotgun accessory designed for hunters who need a practical and convenient way to carry their shotguns. This strap provides hands-free mobility, allowing you to effortlessly carry gear, game, and incidentals with ease.

Made from high-quality leather with a suede lining, the Gunner's Handy Strap ensures durability and comfort. Its no-swivel design makes it hassle-free to use on any shotgun, eliminating the need for mounting hardware.

Whether you're upland hunting, pheasant hunting, or waterfowl hunting, FieldKing's Gunner's Handy Strap is a must-have accessory for any shotgun to make your hunting experience more enjoyable and efficient.