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  • Garmin, Alpha LTE Dog Tracker
  • Garmin, Alpha LTE Dog Tracker
  • Garmin, Alpha LTE Dog Tracker
  • Garmin, Alpha LTE Dog Tracker
  • Garmin, Alpha LTE Dog Tracker
  • Garmin, Alpha LTE Dog Tracker
  • Garmin, Alpha LTE Dog Tracker
  • Garmin, Alpha LTE Dog Tracker

Garmin, Alpha LTE Dog Tracker

by Garmin Item #: 1129287-34196
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Explore Further with Garmin Alpha LTE Dog Tracker: Advanced Real-Time Pet Monitoring!
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Garmin Alpha LTE Dog Tracker

Product Overview:

Introducing the Garmin Alpha LTE Dog Tracker, your ultimate partner in pet management and outdoor adventures. Equipped with cutting-edge LTE cellular technology, this robust tracker ensures you stay connected to your dog’s location through your compatible smartphone. Whether you’re navigating dense forests or vast open fields, the Alpha LTE Dog Tracker is designed to keep your beloved pet safe and traceable.

LTE connectivity (subscription plan required) allows you to track your dog in real-time and see their movements in the Alpha app on your compatible smartphone.

Key Features:

- Advanced LTE Cellular Technology: Experience superior coverage and real-time tracking with LTE technology, significantly expanding your ability to monitor your dog's whereabouts beyond traditional limits.

- Alpha App Integration: Seamlessly connect to the Alpha app on your smartphone (subscription required) to view your dog's movements. The app also allows you to navigate the terrain effectively, mark waypoints, and note important locations like game trails and sightings.

- Dual Signal Capability: When paired with compatible Garmin systems (sold separately), this tracker smartly combines LTE and VHF signals, employing smart switching technology to utilize the strongest signal available, ensuring continuous and reliable tracking.

- Multi-GNSS Support: Benefit from enhanced positional accuracy with multi-GNSS technology that taps into multiple satellite networks, offering improved reliability and tracking performance in challenging environments.

- Rugged Durability: Built to endure the elements, the Alpha LTE Dog Tracker is your go-to device for any weather conditions, ensuring reliability when you need it most.

- Extended Battery Life: Keep the hunt going with up to 32 hours of battery life on dynamic tracking mode, letting you focus more on the adventure and less on power levels.

- Visibility with LED Lights: Ensure your dog is visible even in low-light conditions with a bright, multicolor LED light on the tracker. Choose from a spectrum of colors including yellow, magenta, cyan, white, green, red, and blue to best suit your visibility needs.


- Peace of Mind: Knowing your dog’s location at all times brings immense peace of mind, especially in expansive or unfamiliar territories.

- Enhanced Navigation: With integrated mapping and the ability to mark essential waypoints, navigating becomes simpler and more efficient, saving time and enhancing safety.

- Durability and Reliability: Designed for outdoor enthusiasts and their canine companions, this tracker withstands environmental challenges and rough conditions.

- Ease of Use: Simple setup, intuitive app interface, and seamless integration with Garmin ecosystem devices make the Alpha LTE Dog Tracker a user-friendly solution for all your tracking needs.

Perfect For:

Outdoor adventurers, hunters, and dog owners who require a reliable way to monitor their pets in expansive and challenging environments.

**Trust the Garmin Alpha LTE Dog Tracker to be your eyes on the ground as you and your furry friend conquer new trails and create lasting memories together.**

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