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  • Kennel Gear, Bowl System, Aluminum Yoke, 2 Quart Double

Kennel Gear, Bowl System, Aluminum Yoke, 2 Quart Double

by Kennel Gear Item #: 911204-00147K
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Maximize Pet Hygiene & Convenience with Kennel Gear’s 2-Quart Double Bowl System!
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Introducing the Kennel Gear 2-Quart Double Bowl System, an exceptional feeding solution designed with meticulous attention to detail, aimed at enhancing the convenience and cleanliness of your pet's feeding station. This system is perfect for pet owners seeking a reliable and hygienic method to provide both food and water to their pets simultaneously.

Key Features:

- Dual Stainless Steel Bowls: Each bowl has a capacity of 2 quarts, perfectly sized for offering ample amounts of both food and water. This ensures your pet remains fully hydrated and well-fed throughout the day.
- Durable Aluminum Yoke: Crafted from robust aluminum, the yoke secures the bowls tightly, significantly reducing the likelihood of spills while providing a dependable and stable base for the feeding area.
- Versatile Kennel Bar Mount: This system includes an easy-to-attach mount that is compatible with most kennel types. It keeps the bowls elevated, preventing any contact with dirt and waste, thus contributing to a cleaner and more hygienic feeding environment.


- Enhanced Hygiene: The elevation of the bowls prevents interference from pets, minimizing the risk of food contamination with dirt or waste. This promotes a cleaner feeding area and supports the overall health of your pet.
- Stability and Security: The superior construction with the aluminum yoke ensures that the bowls remain stationary, eliminating messes and deterring pets from moving or tipping over their bowls.
- Seamless Integration: This bowl system is designed to be compatible with all existing Kennel Gear mounts, allowing for easy integration into your current pet care setup without the necessity for additional parts.

Unique Selling Points:

- Customizable and Interchangeable: Whether you have a small or large kennel, or different setup needs, this system’s design accommodates various Kennel Gear mounting options, providing exceptional flexibility for all kennel configurations.
- Non-Toy Feature: The secure mounting system prevents pets from using the bowls as toys, which helps avoid potential damage or loss of feeding equipment.
- Cost-Effective: By investing in a durable and high-quality feeding system like this, you reduce the need for frequent replacements, ensuring both long-term savings and greater satisfaction.

The Kennel Gear 2-Quart Double Bowl System with Aluminum Yoke offers more than just a place for your pets to eat and drink. It is a comprehensive solution that significantly enhances your pet care routine, ensuring your pets are fed in a manner that is stable, sanitary, and secure. Ideal for pet owners who prioritize durability and functionality, this system is set to become an essential part of your pet care arsenal.

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